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The Rage on Display When I Offered Free Copies of the Book of Mormon on X / Twitter

The Rage on Display When I Offered Free Copies of the Book of Mormon on X / Twitter

I had an idea to run an advertisement online offering a free Book of Mormon to anyone interested.

Many of my social media channels get bombarded with comments from people who HATE the Book of Mormon, claim it is from the devil, and is heresy.

When I receive comments like this, I usually follow up with a question, “Have you read the Book of Mormon?”

Unsurprisingly, 90% of the time I get answers like the following:

Since most people who object to the Book of Mormon haven’t actually read it, I’m trying to give more people the opportunity to read the Book of Mormon.

I’ve only been running the ad for about 3 weeks and already 258 people clicked on the ad, hopefully many genuinely wanting to get a free copy and read it.

I was not expecting to see some of the comments from those who saw the ad. They were pretty aggressive.

My thought was that they might like to read it – but as you will see, most would like one to use as kindling.

Take this one however, looks like they are in favor of book burning. This one surprised me.

I’m used to getting the following comments, definitely a little less fiery.

And here comes the fires again. Is this weird or is it just me?

Another pyromaniac.

More fire references.

To be honest, I was floored that so many comments referenced the desire to burn the Book of Mormon.

Hopefully some of those who see this offer for a Book of Mormon will take it and be willing to read it and study for themselves.

Sally Salcido

Thursday 25th of April 2024

It is a wonderful attempt to share the Book of Mormon another Testament of Jesus Christ with anyone that would read it. At least these people ae being honest so your effort is not in vain to send one to just be burned. People don't bother to investigate for themselves to find out what it is about and how it came about. They listen to the nay sayers, the Anti's. Blindly following their negative remarks and misquoting the Bible references to prove their point. I know that the Book of Mormon another Testament of Jesus Christ is a true book. There is a book written that documents 6 years of travel by a group in Saudi Arabia tracking the trek of Lehi and his family from Jeruselem to the Red Sea . There is a 2 part video on it on You Tube. I plan to buy the book They are able to prove the entire travel by the various locations. Specific River, where there were trees etc. More and more actual evidence is coming out. Those of us who have read it and gained a testimony of it's truthfulness don't need all these physical evidences. They do help to show non believers so they might agree to read it.

Alan Mills

Thursday 25th of April 2024

Boyd Packer is probably correct. I suspect though that many LDS adherents likewise do not have a specific knowledge of it or its relevance to the doctrines of the present day church. When asked whether it is actually truly historical or not I have received various answers from members. Some say "yes" and others say "no," it is allegorical only. Others say "partly" but it is not a "book of history." The claims for it are robust: ie the most perfect book (but with possible errors of men) and yet translated by the gift and power of G-d. ? not by any worldly skill. The preface material certainly gives the impression of being a factual account with reference to Joseph Smith's part. If taken as such then indeed the book is worthy of serious examination and evaluation. By evaluation I mean evaluation of its historicity. If it is not historical then there is no point in evaluation. regards PM


Thursday 25th of April 2024

It’s amazing how so many call it Evil. Why would a person go through all the persecution that Joseph Smith went through just to bring a book that has so so many references on how wonderful Christ is and is a second witness that he actually lived and taught us wonderful things about loving, even our enemy’s because, We All Are Children of God???? They need to read it and see what it teaches before they give into the Satan’s promptings , who is the father of hate and contention!!!! For me I’ve through the spirit because of my prayers on the subject , have come to realize that, Joseph was not perfect, just like you and I are not, BUT, He Was The Most Perfect Man , at the Most Perfect Time, in the most Perfect Place, to bring forth more truth and knowledge our Heavenly Father wanted us to know, I Believe In Christ and the Book is a second witness to His life and teaching. Find out for yourself🙏🏻❤️❤️

Penney Shirts

Wednesday 24th of April 2024

I am sooo proud of you !! I am sure the Lord is also ! 😊

Ben Arkell

Thursday 25th of April 2024

Thanks for the support!


Wednesday 24th of April 2024

car il faut qu'il y ait de l'opposition en toute chose !