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Have Miracles Ceased? The Winds That Carried the Word

Have Miracles Ceased? The Winds That Carried the Word

Thanks to Chance for allowing us to share this story.

Have miracles ceased? Let me share a story with you on why I believe they have not.
I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at 19 years old. Within a week I was kicked out of my house and told I was going to hell. I slept in my car at the park for a few nights before crashing at friend’s houses.
Fast forward a year and I had kind of mended things with my parents, I knew that what I was about to do next would hurt them even more, I had secretly applied to serve as a full time missionary for my church, within 4 weeks I had a call to serve in the Philippines for two years.
The day I left, I watched as my grandparents backed out of my driveway. “How could I do this to them”? I asked myself over and over. “Surely, Heavenly Father will understand if I back at now.”
Then reality hit me, if I serve God he will make my family understand and all would be well.
My first night in the MTC, I was broken, alone, and scared. I remembered my family and promised myself and God right then and there that I would serve with all of my heart.
Skipping ALOT here, but my family’s hearts were softened big time and they were proud of me for serving.
Fast forward again, at this point I’m married with one kid and another on the way, my family relationship is amazing, and Mom is loving being a grandma. My career is taking off and suddenly a prompting to leave home and move to Texas.
How could I break my families hearts again? Things are finally normal! I feel like I did that night in the MTC all over again.
Crushed, angry and exhausted. The moving truck is packed and we’re doing last minute things, I’m praying my heart out day and night for comfort.
Me and the baby are walking outside of the insurance office where my wife was inside getting papers signed off when I notice a paper that the wind had blown against my leg. I pick it up and quickly realize it is a page from the Bible! With one verse on the entire page underlined!
Genesis 2: 24: “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.”
This was my answer and my guilt and anxiety instantly dissolved! I had peace that I cannot describe. I know that God knows us and comforts us when we follow his will for us. I know that then journey can seem long and burdensome, but if we allow him to operate in our lives by following his commandments we will have access to heaven’s help.


Thursday 18th of January 2024

Nothing is a coincidence! God is in the details.

Sara Ovalles

Wednesday 17th of January 2024

Miracles will never CEASE!

Thanks to GOD!