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Elder Holland Update: “I Am Brokenhearted and Lonely”

Elder Holland Update: “I Am Brokenhearted and Lonely”

For the first time in over three months, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland posted on social media and took the opportunity to share how he is feeling since the passing of his wife, Patricia Holland.

“Most of you will know that my wife Pat passed away last July with complications from Covid and other respiratory problems. I am brokenhearted and lonely, but that is the price we pay for love in the world. I look forward to rejoining her.”

Elder Holland shared this picture of him holding two new great-grandchildren and then bore testimony of the plan of happiness that includes the joy of the family unit.

“But the wonder of life goes on, including for these two great-grandchildren who, with our other family members, were the delight of Pat’s life. Her passing and their arrival are a reminder that both birth and death are a part of the Savior’s plan of happiness. I dearly, deeply miss Pat, but I am grateful for a new generation in our family. This is why we speak of family so much in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for, as President Russell M. Nelson has said, salvation is an individual experience, but exaltation is a family experience.”

Elder Holland has not been able to speak at the last two sessions of General Conference, the last talk he gave being Lifted Up upon the Crosswhich was give in October of 2022.

Church statement on April 6, 2023  stated that Elder Holland has a kidney condition and is undergoing dialysis.

In early August he was hospitalized for observation and treatment of ongoing health complications. The Church Newsroom then released the following statement on September 10th, 2023:

After an extended hospital stay, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles is now recuperating at home. Elder Holland and his children are very grateful for the many prayers offered on his behalf during this health challenge and time of sorrow following the passing of Sister Holland. As his health improves, he looks forward to resuming active service in his ministry.

He closed off his most recent social media post by saying: “I bear witness of the beauty of this plan and that all is well if we live for its promises. I am trying to live worthily of those promises and the trust that those living on Pat’s side of the veil have in those of us who have access to the temple where so many of those promises are revealed.”

We wish Elder Holland the best and are happy to have received this latest update and beautiful picture of him and his grandchildren.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland Church Website Bio

Jeffrey R. Holland was ordained a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on June 23, 1994.

Personal Life

Jeffrey R. Holland was born December 3, 1940, to Frank D. and Alice Bentley Holland. In 1963, he married Patricia Terry. They are the parents of Matthew, Mary Alice, and David, the parents-in-law of Paige, Lee, and Jeanne, and the grandparents of 13 beautiful grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

A student leader and varsity athlete at Dixie High School and Dixie College in his native St. George, Utah, he received his bachelor and master degrees in English and religious education, respectively, from Brigham Young University. He obtained master and doctor of philosophy degrees in American Studies from Yale University.

Professional Life

At the time of his call to the Quorum of the Twelve, Elder Holland was serving as a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy, to which he had been called on April 1, 1989. From 1980 until his call as a General Authority in 1989, Jeffrey R. Holland served as the ninth president of Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. He is a former Church commissioner of education and dean of the College of Religious Education at BYU.

Elder Holland was active in professional educational activity prior to his call to full-time Church service. He served as president of the American Association of Presidents of Independent Colleges and Universities (AAPICU), on the board of the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (NAICU), and as a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) Presidents Commission. For his work in improving understanding between Christians and Jews he was awarded the “Torch of Liberty” award by the Anti-Defamation League of B’Nai B’rith.

He has served on the governing boards of a number of civic and business related corporations and has received the “Distinguished Eagle Scout” award from the Boy Scouts of America. He is the author of eight books, one of which he co-authored with his wife, Patricia.

Johnny Armstrong

Saturday 21st of October 2023

Elder Holland, I really appreciate the messages you have shared over your time as an apostle of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I too love your eternal companion, Pat Terry. She is the first person that bore her personnel testimony to me of the truthfulness of "The Church." This was while I was attending Dixie College with her in 1959-1961. She changed the direction of my life. For that I am eternally grateful.

Louisa Mack

Saturday 14th of October 2023

I want to send Elder Holland both my warmest wishes and my deepest gratitude. He has been an inspiration to me on numerous occasions. I’ve found his words have helped me through some of my most difficult times. Thank you, Elder Holland, from the bottom of my heart.

Karen M. Schultz

Thursday 12th of October 2023

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland is one of the favorite apostles. I love many fine talks at the general conference every 6 months. It comforts, lifts, exhorts, encourages, etc. me. It leads me to get closer to my personal Savior. I am thankful for that. I sustain and support him. Thank you so much. ,

Frances Grice

Wednesday 11th of October 2023

It is wonderful to see Elder Holland with his arms full of cuddly love, I missed him not being well enough to be with us at the Conference, He is very much loved by all, Our prayers are for him also our dear Prophet President Nelson. These great Brothers who lead us, work so hard for us, teaching us the right way to follow our beloved Saviour Jesus Christ, helping us to stay strong in our love and Faith for our Merciful God and his beloved Son who suffered so greatly in Gethsemane paying the price for our sins, drinking from the bitter cup, blood oozing from the pores of his body this Man, half God half Man then endured being whipped by the Roman soldiers tearing his flesh, carrying the heavy cross, up to Golgotha, his hand's wrists and feet thick nails hung him to the cross, a man with no sin, innocent and pure a crown of thorns had been pressed upon his head causing blood to run down his beloved face Our Saviour and Redeemer full of love for us, a willing Sacrifice. How can we repay him? By Loving God his beloved Father. By Loving Him as He loved us, by following his example, teachings of love, service, being full of Charity, and love for our fellow beings in need, Loving one another makes this sick world a better place. Thank you Elder Oaks and Elder Eiring who conducted a great inspiring Conference. You are all wonderful examples to us all, the talks were very special also the speakers. The music was inspiring as always. Thank you. Sister Frances Grice.

Peggy Bogar

Wednesday 11th of October 2023

We love you Elder Holland.