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Values-Based Movies: Strengthening Family Bonds

Values-Based Movies: Strengthening Family Bonds
In today’s fast paced society, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find activities that families can do together that are both wholesome and enjoyable. However, one activity that has stood the test of time is watching movies as a family. 
Living Scriptures streaming recognizes the importance of family-friendly content and continues to expand their offerings each week. They have added new shows and movies that appeal to various age groups and interests, as well as bringing back some of the classics in Latter-day Saint cinema. From animated films to heartwarming features and series – there is plenty of content for families to choose from. 
“Our mission at Living Scriptures has always been to help families come together and enjoy uplifting and wholesome entertainment that strengthens their bond. Our commitment to providing families with enlightening, entertaining movies and shows is fueled by a desire to support their spiritual growth and create memorable experiences that they can cherish for years to come,” says Living Scriptures CEO, Matt Brown.

Living Scriptures Streaming

You can choose from over 5,000 titles on Living Scriptures streaming with direct downloading to your device and 100% ad free. Establishing regular family movie viewing in your home can provide some surprising benefits for your family that go well beyond merely being entertained.

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Shared Experiences

Watching a movie together as a family creates a shared experience that can bring family members closer together. When you watch a movie that has values that resonate with your family, it can create a sense of commonality and shared values. This shared experience can provide a starting point for conversations about values and beliefs that can lead to more open and honest communication.

Role Models

Values-based movies can provide positive and inspiring role models for children and adults alike. These role models can provide examples of how to live a life based on positive values, such as integrity, honesty, and compassion. By watching these movies as a family, you can discuss the positive qualities of these role models and how these qualities can be applied in your own lives.

Teachable Moments

Values-based movies can provide opportunities for teachable moments, where parents and children can discuss important topics related to moral values and ethics. By discussing these types of issues as a family, you can encourage critical thinking and improve communication skills. This can help children and teenagers develop a better understanding of the world around them and how their actions and decisions can impact others.

So next time you want to have a fun family night, consider grabbing some popcorn and watching a movie.