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My Path Back To Full Activity In The Church Ran Through Three Bishops

My Path Back To Full Activity In The Church Ran Through Three Bishops

When was the last time you thanked a bishop for his devotion and sacrifice?

When a bishop comes up in conversation, it probably isn’t often because of the good he has done. We might tend to share things we might not like about a leader instead of complimenting them and expressing our gratitude for what they have done.

One member of the Church who left and then came back to activity shared the following on Twitter about the bishops that helped him along the covenant path.

It is heartbreaking that some people have had bad experiences with priesthood leadership.

My path back to full activity in the Church ran through three bishops. Without exception they were compassionate, patient with my doubts and questions, wise, and brilliant men (fwiw, all had terminal degrees in their fields).

Their influence on my life has been profound. None of them asked for the responsibility, but they were all willing to give their all to serving the Lord and his flock.

They helped me repent of my sins and become a new and better creature through Christ. 

My wife and children are daily, direct beneficiaries of the spiritual change they helped bring about. 

I don’t think they are on Twitter. They are out in the real world, doing good quietly, bearing witness through action and example of Christ’s love. 

When I compare their enormous, humble spiritual strength to the self-assured and uncharitable voices that prevail in the world and on this app….I know that the covenant path is the right one. I want to be more like these good men and more like Christ.

In his 2003 talk, “The Shepherds of Israel,” Gordon B. Hinckley shared:

God bless the good bishops of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You may on occasion be inclined to complain about the burdens of your office. But you also know the joys of your service. Heavy as the load may be, you know this is the sweetest, the most rewarding, the most important thing you have ever done outside the walls of your own home.

I thank the Lord for you. I thank the Lord for good bishops in this Church throughout the world. I pray for you, all 18,000 of you. I plead with you to be strong. I plead with you to be true. I plead with you to be uncompromising in your own lives and in the goals you set for others. Though your days be long and wearisome, may your rest be sweet and in your hearts may you know that peace which comes alone from God to those who serve Him.

Thank a bishop today. Send a text, give him a call, or drop off a treat. Show your gratitude for his sacrifice and service.

Peggy Fairchild

Wednesday 28th of December 2022

God bless our bishops. They often must have some crucial conversations which people do not always appreciate, then come under fire for fulfilling their calling. I love our bishop and appreciate all he does for our ward members and others.