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Most Common Responses Two Gay Latter-day Saint Men Get Online Because They’re Married To Women

Most Common Responses Two Gay Latter-day Saint Men Get Online Because They’re Married To Women

These are the responses Preston and Sky get when people learn they’re gay and married to woman, and how they do (or want) respond.

Doesn’t that mean you’re bisexual?

Well, no. We are attracted to our wives in many ways, but it’s different than how we feel about guys. We aren’t sexually attracted to women at large.

You are so brave and such an inspiration.

That’s very kind! Although, we’re really just advocating for simple gospel truths, as all members of the Church are commanded by God to do.

You’re loved the way you are. You don’t need to try and change.

We aren’t trying to change our sexual orientations by marrying women; we’re following the commandments and reaping the associated blessings. That said, there’s a big difference between “You’re loved just the way you are” and “You’re perfect just the way you are.” God loves us no matter what, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t expect us to change our character and our hearts.

This is so sad. You deserve better.

If this is meant condescendingly, thanks but no thanks. If it’s meant sincerely, we appreciate it, but it’s truly not necessary. When you prioritize the right things in life and use Christ as your source of strength, any amount of heartache is made up for by the blessings of living the gospel.

This is awful. Shame on you both for spreading hate.

You’re misunderstanding our message. We love everyone and advocate for the love Christ taught. We’ve found great joy in the gospel, and we’re doing what we can to spread that message to gay Latter-day Saints who are struggling to know their worth and true identity.

You’re letting your religion control your life.

Everyone has a religion, even if they aren’t “religious.” Your religion is either traditional, organized religion or it’s culture, politics, money, fame, or any other host of counterfeits. The question isn’t whether or not we adhere to a religious framework, but whether or not the religious framework is true, or at least beneficial. We’ve studied it out in our minds, and we’ve received a spiritual witness that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is God’s kingdom on earth. Call that brainwashing if you like, be we call it divine revelation.

You’re evil for dragging your wife into this.

If you knew our wives, you would know how ridiculous this sounds. They are capable adults who made the decision to be with us. We know our wives better than we know anyone, and the lives we’ve created with them are just as real and valid as any other relationship.

Skylar Sorensen and Preston Jenkins are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who host a podcast called Sit Down with Sky.  Skylar and Preston are also both gay.

They have done amazing things and are helping so many people see that there is a very bright path for those with same-sex attraction in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Judy Tucker

Monday 29th of August 2022

I have felt the Same Way. It is what is on the Soul Not On the outside of our Mortal bodies. Our bodies will die and what remains is our Souls that go home to our God who gives Us Life Eternally forever IF we choose it.

Debbie Riley

Sunday 28th of August 2022

So grateful for you and your example of faith in the gospel principles taught by Christ. I pray your message reaches all those who have struggled with this or other issues and that they will see the blessings they can have just by living the laws that God has shared with us! You’re great! Keep up the good fight!

Richeena Allen

Thursday 4th of August 2022

Brave souls. I don't agree with same sex relations but do not condemn you...that is not for me. Our Heavenly Father Knows your souls.