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I Found Support In The Gospel And At Church As A Gay Man

I Found Support In The Gospel And At Church As A Gay Man

Skylar Sorensen and Preston Jenkins are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who host a podcast called Sit Down with Sky.  Skylar and Preston are also both gay.

They have done amazing things and are helping so many people see that there is a very bright path for those with same-sex attraction in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

On his mission, Preston had a former member of the church try to tell him he was “supporting” him by fighting against the church. Here’s Preston’s response:

“I was on my mission in 2015-16, which is when the policy about children of gay couples and whether or not they could get baptized. All of that was in the media, and people were outraged. The policy made sense to me. I didn’t understand the outrage.

We were trying to find a member of our local ward who we hadn’t met yet, and we knocked on the door. Nobody answered. We started to walk away when they pulled into the driveway. He came tearing around the corner and started yelling at us: ‘I used to be so into this church until you guys did that to the gays!’

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The conversation lasted 20 minutes. We talked about other things, calmed down, and were being much more cordial by the end. Before we left, I said, “Hey, you told us earlier it hurt your heart to hear about the policy. Can I share some hurt in turn? As a gay member of the church, I’m just fine. The truth helps. I’ve found support in the gospel and at church.”

He tried to back pedal with, “I’m so sorry. I support you.” But I just looked at him said, “Sir, respectfully, you don’t know what support means to me.” The support he was talking about was the fluffy, moving target we so often today. I said, “Thank you for your time, I’m sorry we’ve upset you, sorry to intrude. I hope you have a great day.”

To read another powerful experience from Preston, check out this article > I Was The Only Person That Encouraged My Friend To Keep His Covenants

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Lynn Collins

Sunday 21st of August 2022

If you are in the church for friends, you won’t survive. If you are in because you love God and the gospel and want to be in heaven with HIm and your loved ones, then you will be happy. More power to you. God will take care of all his children no matter who or what they are.

Dallan Richey

Wednesday 7th of December 2022

@Lynn Collins, so true. Being converted to friends or family is not wise, our foundation should be on Christ and His gospel in His restored church, not the imperfections of members who are also human, trust in Christ and you will not fall