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The Book of Mormon Video Series Needs You! Urgent Need for Applicants for Season 5

The Book of Mormon Video Series Needs You! Urgent Need for Applicants for Season 5

Have you ever dreamed of being a Stripling Warrior? Or maybe a watcher in the crowd as Moroni raises the Title of Liberty?

Well, this might just be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

The Book of Mormon video series needs YOU!

There is an urgent need for applicants for the upcoming filming season of the Book of Mormon Visual Library, specifically for background positions. 

According to Church Production Casting, here are 6 common questions asked about being involved in the Book of Mormon Videos.

Are you looking for a certain type of person to apply? 

Visual accuracy and authenticity is a priority for these productions, and there is still an urgent need for applicants who match the physical criteria: Indiginous/Native Americans of North, Central, or South America; or Pacific Islanders. If that doesn’t describe your own personal heritage but you think you may be a good fit, you are encouraged to apply

There is a strong need for men, women, and teenagers to apply for this season. If you know anyone who would appreciate this opportunity please share this information with them

book of mormon videos season 5

I’ve never acted before. Can I still apply? 

Absolutely! The needs range from professionals to first-timers. In fact, many who are cast as background in these projects have little-to-no acting experience, so you won’t be alone! 

Is this a paid job, or is it volunteer work? 

It’s paid. Background roles are paid a daily rate (about $135 per day), and participants are expected to work as a local (no mileage reimbursement or hotel). To be paid, participants must be legally documented to work in the United States. While there are opportunities to volunteer as a background actor, due to recent government visa restrictions, international students are not allowed to be hired, whether paid or volunteer

When and where is filming? 

Season 5 of the Book of Mormon Videos is set to shoot this year in Goshen, Utah; Oahu, Hawai’i; and near Sandlake, Oregon. Filming is set to begin in May and will continue into the fall of this year.

book of mormon videos season 5

I have a full-time job; should I still apply? 

Yes. Most who are cast in these productions have other jobs from which they take a day off for filming. Those who are cast have a chance to give the dates they are available. 

What is a day of filming like? 

It’s a full day, to be certain (most days are 12 hours, with a lunch break), and a very special experience. Here’s a video from Season 4 which shows some behind-the-scenes details:

Filming begins in the next few weeks, so if you want to apply to be in this season of the Book of Mormon Videos, please don’t delay! 

Apply at this link.

You can read more about this season here: Book of Mormon Visual Library — Season 5 

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email them to

NOTE: Being involved with the creation of the Book of Mormon Video Series is a unique opportunity to participate in a special type of missionary work. The videos are accessed worldwide and help inspire many to want to learn more about our Savior, Jesus Christ, and the Book of Mormon. 

Pat Sagers

Wednesday 20th of April 2022

The background building scenes in the new Book of Mormon films kind of look like the Aztec culture instead of the buildings from here in the promised land of America where they lived! I would think the buildings would look more Jewish-style - like the buildings where they came from and what they knew from their past.