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Tuttles Twins TV Series Debuts Much Anticipated First Episode

Tuttles Twins TV Series Debuts Much Anticipated First Episode

If you love the principle of freedom and have been searching for a way to teach its importance to the rising generation, we have your solution.

The Tuttle Twins TV show launched episode one after an incredibly successful crowd-investment campaign that saw the program become the world’s top funded kids media project, backed by thousands of investors. This high-quality kids cartoon, which teaches the ideas of freedom to the rising generation, was directly funded by those who wanted to will it into existence.

Based on the award-winning, bestselling book series featuring the adventures of the Tuttle Twins which has sold more than 1.5 million copies to date, the series follows the lovable characters as their journeys teach children about the foundational principles of America, including Capitalism, personal freedom, our justice system, and more.

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“There’s a huge disconnect between Hollywood and an overlooked  market segment of 41 million Americans who want content for their families that reflects their values, but these underserved need not feel powerless to impact our culture any longer.

More than 19,000 people wanted to see The Chosen so fervently, they were willing to fund it into existence and the cultural impact of the show has been global. We’re now seeing the beginning of a similar movement with Tuttle Twins,” said Neal Harmon, CEO of VidAngel.

“Parents eager to see their children learn the founding principles of America are rushing to support this show and if Tuttle Twins or another crowdfunded show generates profits, guess who shares in the financial reward? It’s not Hollywood, but the audience who backed it.”

The first episode (livestreamed on YouTube and available to watch here) touches on this topic — the proper role of government, the misuse of taxes, and the evils of forced redistribution of wealth.

It’s a good one. Your kids will laugh. You’ll laugh. And your bank account will remain unharmed — in two ways. First, we’re not taking your taxes. (Ew, gross.) Second, it’s free! Thanks to the show’s investors, the content will be accessible to anyone. No subscription, no signup, no nothing.

Tuttle Twins Campaign Facts

  • To date, Tuttle Twins has raised over $1 million USD in crowdfunding to date
  • The crowdfunding campaign is using same approach that VidAngel used to raise roughly $20 million for the series “The Chosen”, making it the #1 crowdfunded media project in history.
  • There are 11 children’s books in the Tuttle Twin Series, the series has sold 1.4 million books to date, translated into 10 languages.