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NEW SONG About Hope for Addiction By Stephanie Pugh “I Am Why He Came” MUSIC VIDEO

NEW SONG About Hope for Addiction By Stephanie Pugh “I Am Why He Came” MUSIC VIDEO

When Stephanie Pugh had a dream in 2020 about addiction, shame, brokenness, and Christ’s ability to lift us above these challenges, she knew she needed to write a song about it. In hopes of capturing the message of Christ’s perfect love, she opens the line with “Jesus loves the wounded. This is why he came. To lift me when I’m drowning. In this, there is no shame.”

The song teaches us that Jesus isn’t the backup plan IF we can’t deal with trials all on our own. Rather, Jesus IS the plan. The chorus says, “and even though I’m scared sometimes and get stuck inside my pain, he whispers and reminds me, I am why he came.”

Stephanie says: “I wrote the song ‘I am Why He Came’ in response to a dream God gave me. In the dream, a dear friend was passing out due to an unknown cause. I was trying to take her to the hospital, but every few minutes a stranger pulled her out of my car and threw her onto the road.

My friend was so ashamed and wouldn’t tell me what was causing her physical sickness. I kept assuring her that I didn’t care what she had done, but that I just wanted to help her. She finally told me she had been using heroin.

I told her I would keep pulling her back into my car as many times as she was thrown out, and make sure she got all the help and support she needed. Then, I woke up, and the words: ‘Jesus loves the addict.

This is why he came,’ were burned into my mind, and I opened my mouth and sang the melody out loud. I felt the love of the Savior so strongly and knew that the stranger in the dream represented the adversary. He tries to convince us we should stay lying on the road, alone, hiding in our own shame. But the Savior continues to put us back in the car. He wants to bring us home.”

What Listeners Are Saying?

  • So far, Stephanie has received heartfelt feedback that the message of the song has lifted others. Some of the comments are below.
  • “This song came just when I needed it. I have felt like I was drowning in my life for awhile now. I am why he came.” – Justine J.
  • “This is beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes.” -Annie M.
  • “Wow…this had me in tears. This really touched my heart. -JesaLyn B.
  • “Such a beautiful song and powerful message. May we all remember and be thankful for “why he came.” – Heart of Worship
  • “A very important message for us all to remember. Thank you for sharing your song of hope.” – Suzanne Sanders

Stephanie shared her vision for the song on her youtube channel: “It is my hope that when we experience wounds that makes us feel broken, we will turn to our Savior and remember that he came and completed the Atonement for each one of us individually. Whether we suffer with an addiction, care about someone with an addiction, struggle with a health challenge, or any other heavy trial, I hope we can build up the ‘courage to reach out and take his hand.’ We are always worthy to seek Christ’s help because you, and I, are the whole reason that He came.”

For more information about Stephanie and her songwriting visit her YouTube channel and Instagram @steph_pugh_music.