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17 Things That Make Latter-day Saint Women And Other Women Of Faith Feel Less Than

17 Things That Make Latter-day Saint Women And Other Women Of Faith Feel Less Than

Do you know what makes Latter-day Saint women and other Christian women feel less than?

When you imply that Heavenly Mother has lower standards than Heavenly Father.

When you imply that Heavenly Mother isn’t seen as equal to the Father because we don’t pray to her.

heavenly mother

When you desecrate Heavenly Mother’s name to spread false doctrine and justify your own sinful behavior.

When you say Heavenly Mother “could be” the Holy Ghost, who is a spirit without a body, instead of a fully resurrected, exalted being.

When you imply that women are second class citizens because they choose to stay home to raise their family instead of becoming CEOs and political leaders.


When you imply that women are less because they aren’t ordained to the priesthood as men are.

When you imply that the “patriarchy” is hurting women instead of the utter lack of patriarchal covenant-keeping in the home and men not leading and magnifying their priesthood responsibilities as husbands and fathers.

When you imply that modesty hurts women instead of the utter lack of immodesty that is proclaimed to be “empowering to women.”

heavenly mother

When you imply that wearing garments is a “personal choice” instead of a protection that we have covenanted to wear.

When you imply that masturbation, pornography, kink, and quantity of partners are what make intimacy healthy and fulfilling instead of married sex that is respectful, divine and sanctifying.

When husbands cheat on their wives with pornography.

When husbands don’t protect their testimonies, give in to the philosophies of men, and forsake their covenant and priesthood responsibilities.

When you imply that women are the summation of their body parts instead of divine daughters of God.


When you imply that women are better off aborting their babies for the sake of their careers instead of mothers who learn to sacrifice and fill the measure of their creation.

When you imply that men can be women if they feel like they are.

When you imply that the only way women can be successful is if they act like, talk like, and dress like men.

When you promote ugly, modern fashions that are far from being feminine.

It’s not the church that makes women feel less than, it’s a debased, sin-stricken world that does.

This post was originally published on Twitter and is shared here with permission.


Thursday 5th of May 2022

There is so much wrong with all these statements. Just telling women that they have to be here for the men. Why isnt it important to love yourself as you are? So what some women want to work. So what some women feel more comfortable wearing less "girly" clothes. So what if women show their shoulders, its not up to us to keep aans mind clean, thats on him if he has impure thoughts. So what if someone has had more than one sexual partner, purity culture causes more harm. So much wrong with these statements and im so sad for those that believe this and judge others for being happy and who they are. I grew up mormon and served a mission and now happiness is finally part of my life because i dont have to pretend to be something im not. I love girly clothes and i love going to work and providing for my family. I love being free to think and not hate myself. You all should do your research and learn what love really is.


Thursday 16th of September 2021

Wow! None of those things ever entered my mind; I was shocked by this article to be honest.

Ben Arkell

Friday 17th of September 2021

A lot of the things in this article are very often discussed, shared, and accepted on social media.

Theodore Moore

Thursday 16th of September 2021

How important is the family? The church is here to help the family, not the other way around. Children are not a distraction from more important things, children are the reason we create a family for. The reason men go out into the world and work is so that we can support our family. We cannot support our family if we do not recognize who it is at the center of our family raising our children. I met my wife in the mountains of Colorado in 1977. She was awfully neat. We got married on October 4th of 1978. We were baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on Valentines Day of 1979. Our marriage could not have been as good if we had not joined the Church. My darling was awfully neat when I met her. With the help of the Gospel she has only gotten neater over the years. How much do our Heavenly parents love us? They love us so much they have entrusted their children into our safekeeping. Who did they choose to bring their children into mortality? We both have need of the other, without both of us committed together both of our futures are cut off.



Thursday 16th of September 2021

Wow, wish my girls know how precious and important we are not just all these implies. I’m going to share. ❤️😊


Wednesday 15th of September 2021

I love this. I have always felt sad for women who do not understand the beautiful and wondrous power that abides in womanhood. If only all could understand this truth, there would be no jealously of manhood or desire to be just like men. The divine beauty of women far exceeds the world's understanding.