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Beautiful Song Written for Temple and Priesthood Preparation Event for 11-yr-old Primary Girls and Boys

Beautiful Song Written for Temple and Priesthood Preparation Event for 11-yr-old Primary Girls and Boys
When the Church asked for songs about the priesthood to be submitted in 2019, Alaina Larsen and her mother Cris Conerty took the opportunity to create a song of their own for submission.
The Church was requesting songs about the priesthood that would send the message that “all of us — including girls and boys — are blessed through God’s priesthood, [and that] Jesus Christ’s priesthood power and authority are given to women and men as they unitedly participate in the work of salvation.”
In hopes of capturing this message of unity and equality Alaina opened the line, “God freely gives his daughters and his sons the blessings of his priesthood divine! To guide and uplift them, equally as one, in their quest to be like Him on high!”

The Temple and Priesthood Preparation Event

Written specifically for the Temple and Priesthood Preparation Event for all 11-yr-old Primary girls and boys, this song sends the message that God blesses ALL his children, both his daughters and his sons, with his priesthood power — the fullest blessings of which are only realized in his holy temples.
Alaina and Cris submitted the song back in 2019 to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for consideration into the new children’s songbook. Since they didn’t know if it would be selected, they decided to produce it professionally so that its powerful and uplifting message can still be heard throughout the world.
So far, they have received wonderful feedback that the message of this song is being felt. Some of the comments are below:
  • “Wow, so joyful and inspirational. Thank you for this amazing song!!” – Kurt Krueger
  • “I love hearing The Priesthood of God! It’s very powerful!” – Dianne Rime
  • “It feels like the Spirit is moving upon our talented musicians to testify of the divine doctrines through music more than ever. Thanks for joining this great cause!” – Called to Share (that’s me!)
  • “My daughter keeps wanting to listen to the song on repeat!” – Rachel C Zumaya

Alaina shared her vision for this song in a recent press release:

It is our hope that all those who hear this song will be energized and excited as they contemplate their future on the covenant path, especially those Sr. Primary kids. The restoration of God’s priesthood power, prophets, and temples through The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has given us all so much to be grateful for and so much to look forward to!
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