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Life Stacking: Shift from Good to Great | 12 Principles for the Journey of a Lifetime

Life Stacking: Shift from Good to Great | 12 Principles for the Journey of a Lifetime

As a 19 year old rookie on the U.S. world cup skeleton team, I wondered what it would take to reach the Olympic podium.

Ranked last in the U.S standings, I was incredibly far from my goal. Was it even possible? I felt stuck and directionless. What could possibly bridge that gap and lead me to success?

One year later, I was ranked first in the world. I became the first American woman to win the overall world cup title in skeleton and went on to reach the Olympic podium. So, what was it that changed?

Noelle Pikus Pace

What made it possible for me to massively and rapidly switch direction and shift from good to great? The answer is simple: I completely changed my focus.

Success and confidence aren’t found in the superficial, surface-level things of your life. They’re found at the core of who you are. When you can get to the core of who you are, you can begin to shake guilt and doubt and step into the person you were created to be—with confidence. It starts with working on your personal growth from the inside out.

I continued to train physically for my sport but the real growth came as I intentionally focused on my mindset, defined my life purpose and held tightly to my values. I recognized my strengths, improved my inner circle of relationships and learned all I could from failure.

I dreamed big, took action and reaped the liberating rewards of discipline. I learned how to form desired habits, defined success and reflected upon every experience along the way. Stacking together each of these 12 principles led to an incredible journey of a lifetime and they continue to drive me forward in living a purpose-driven life as a business owner, wife and mom of 4 kids.

Noelle Pikus Pace

Are you ready to live your life on purpose? The path to success is to take massive, determined action. You can’t wish yourself to success or take the “ordinary” path if you want to lead an extraordinary life.

You have the opportunity right now to take massive action that will radically transform your life by enrolling in my Life Stacking: Shift from Good to Great e-course that utilizes each of these 12 transformational principles. Right now, you’re being called to take control of your life in a whole new way – a way that will change everything.

Life Stacking is a complete 12-week e-course which includes 90+ videos presented by Olympic medalist, Noelle Pikus Pace, 50+ resources and a step by step guide that will shift you daily from good to great.