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Free and Simple Jumpstart Children and Youth Goals Course

Free and Simple Jumpstart Children and Youth Goals Course

Are you feeling overwhelmed with Children and Youth Goals and don’t know where to begin?  I am SO excited for you to help the youth reach their goals!

This free and simple Jumpstart Children and Youth Goals course will spark ideas and show you how to succeed! As a division 1 track and field athlete and Olympic medalist in the sport of skeleton, I learned the importance of goal setting at a very young age.

Noelle Pikus Pace

Noelle Pikus Pace with her husband, Janson, and their four children.

My parents helped me to discover the possibilities around me. They encouraged me to try new things and showed me that the world is full of opportunities and experiences. Through books, skills, traveling, and knowledge, my parents taught me that the world is a very exciting place. 

In elementary school, I remember coming home with a huge list of spelling words. I showed my mom this list of words and told her the school would be having a spelling bee competition in a few short weeks. She asked if I wanted to participate. Once I responded that I wanted to try but I didn’t know how I would do, she responded, “It’ll be easy to do if we just take it one word at a time.” She then whipped out a highlighter and taught me to break down this big goal into little pieces. 

We broke the spelling pages into sections that we would study each week and then each day leading up to the big competition. After we created this plan together, she taught me that if I wanted to succeed, I would need to take consistent action.

Every day, after her full-time job as a 9-1-1 dispatcher, she took the time to quiz me. She helped me to reflect on the mistakes I made and together we would come up with something that would help me remember the spelling of the word. For example, “I would rather have more desserts than more deserts”. Now you’ll remember that the word “dessert” (sweets, cakes and treats) has the letter “S” twice, and the dry sandy open space only has one “S”. 

Noelle Pikus Pace

With her help, guidance and encouragement, I went on to win first place in the school spelling bee. More than spelling and setting goals, my parents taught me HOW to GET goals. They taught me to discover my interests and passions and then take time to create a plan to achieve it. They supported me in taking consistent action and asked questions to help me reflect on my growth along the way. This pattern for growth led me to the Olympic podium. 

Within the Jumpstart Children and Youth Goals course, I teach this same pattern for growth through 5 short and entertaining videos. This course also includes a free and simple resource kit created specifically for you to help children and youth set and GET goals. I am so excited to share this with you and know you will come away from this course feeling more prepared to help your youth than ever before.