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This Word for Word Book of Mormon Comic Book Makes Scriptures More Enjoyable and Accessible

This Word for Word Book of Mormon Comic Book Makes Scriptures More Enjoyable and Accessible

We all know that the Book of Mormon is important. We want our kids to read it, but the reality is that it’s hard to get them to read the Book of Mormon because it can be hard to understand and boring for them at times.

Mike Stewart wanted to create a solution for these problems, and he did so by creating Book of Mormon Comics. His mission:

“We created these comics to make The Book of Mormon more appealing to the young and the less scholastically inclined reader. We want everyone to enjoy reading The Book of Mormon; not just to spend time reading but to want to spend time reading this wonderful volume of scripture.

We want readers to better remember what they read and be able to apply lessons they learn to their lives. We believe that graphic novel design can help with all these goals. Readers of any age can relate to the story as it is brought to life, word-for-word, through art.”

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How Will This Help My Children?

A thought on forming a habit: did you know that making a good-habit more enjoyable will help someone stick with it even after some artificial enjoyment is taken away?

Being able to understand, much less relate to, the vocabulary of the Book of Mormon is something that many find difficult. Kids and youth, even adults, are eight times more likely to want to keep reading if they understand the concepts and messages behind the words.

What Do the Comics Look Like?

You can get a feel for what the comic looks like inside by watching this YouTube video below which includes drawings that will be in the Book of Mormon comic book volume that covers 3 Nephi 11. You can also follow Book of Mormon Comics on Instagram.

Why Make a Comic Book about the Book of Mormon?

The goal is to make the scriptures more accessible and more enjoyable. Mike Stewart realized the potential of comic books when his children read a 628-page comic “Dendo”, without being asked! Dendo is a daily journal of a latter-day saint sister missionary who served in Tokyo, Japan, which she kept entirely in comic pages.

Why a Word-for-Word Comic Book?

“Have you ever noticed how kids will look at pictures for hours, then only read words for a few minutes? Our goal is to make The Book of Mormon as inviting to young readers as possible, without compromising any of the words.

The art within these pages makes scripture reading more inviting, more memorable, helping young readers take the lessons into their hearts.”

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What are People Saying about Book of Mormon Comics?

“I love that it is word for word and puts pictures with the words. It is so engaging for kids.” – Melissa James (Mom)

“I have collected every graphic novel version of the Book of Mormon ever made and I’ve cheered everyone’s efforts, but I couldn’t be happier to say that, finally, someone did it right. This project is a fantastic combination of scripture and compelling visuals that any age will enjoy.” – James F. Fullmer (Artist, Author, Institute Director)

“I love that this is THE SCRIPTURES, not an adaptation. The art is fantastic. This is definitely something I want in my home.” – Kurt Johnson (Lifetime children’s educator)

Where Can I Buy?

You can purchase Book of Mormon Comics by visiting their website at

Kimberly Elaine Joseph

Friday 21st of January 2022

When will I receive my first issue

Lorrilli Jorgensen

Thursday 14th of January 2021

were can i buy this at would love to have them please let me know Lorri Jorgensen

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Tuesday 5th of January 2021

Hi where can I get the comic book versions of the Book of Mormon