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The Reassuring Message One Missionary Momma Received After Sending Son On Mission

The Reassuring Message One Missionary Momma Received After Sending Son On Mission

The following story is shared with the permission of Bekah Dayley.

Bekah Dayley had the poignant experience of sending her son off on a mission. She shared her experience on Facebook, and it definitely is one worth sharing here as well.

In her own words, Bekah shared what happened on that incredible day.

“As I drove away from the airport today, one empty seat in the back…my boy gone for two years…two YEARS…

missionary momma

I drove in silence for a while, but hearing my husband and kids in the back, giggling and chatting with grandma made the empty space feel good.

As I drove down the freeway, my mind suddenly went on a journey. I started walking through the airport with my son.

In my mind’s eye, I could see him searching for his gate, and finding his seat on the plane. I saw the carpet, the kiosks – it was almost as if I could see it through his eyes, even though I wasn’t with him.

I anticipated his nervousness, and my own, about what came next. I imagined him getting lost, or having forgotten something.

I started to doubt. I started to worry that he would be afraid, that he would need me. I began to cry quiet tears.

Suddenly, my thoughts were distracted and eyes drawn up to two seagulls flying together above our car. There was a bigger seagull flying slightly higher than the smaller one, who was flying in the bigger one’s draft.

I watched and pondered and then silently thought, “Aw! How nice for God to send these two seagulls that represent me and Carson. I wonder when they’re going to part ways, right now would be good. That would be a great sign that God is letting me know that I can let go.”

Waiting… “Anytime now…” Still together. “Hmm…not helping! The smaller seagull is still needing the bigger one…I feel worse!”

Pity party…until the quietest, calmest whisper came, “The bigger seagull isn’t you, Bek. It’s me. I’ve already got him.”

elder dayley headed onto the mission

Bekah received the greatest assurance a mother could ask for – the knowledge that her Father in Heaven was mindful of her son and had his back.

One of the Lord’s great promises is contained in one of President Thomas S. Monson’s favorite scriptures: “I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, … my Spirit shall be in your [heart], and mine angels round about you, to bear you up.”

So it is with Bekah’s son Carson. The Lord and his angels are round about him, to bear him up.