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What Elder Holland Said When a Young Missionary Asked, “Would You Give Your Life for the Church”?

What Elder Holland Said When a Young Missionary Asked, “Would You Give Your Life for the Church”?

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles shared a poignant testimony in a recent interview with the Church News.

Elder Holland address the current pandemic and it’s far-reaching effects. More than impacting just our health, it has also had severed financial and social impacts.

While these are painful and difficult times, Elder Holland’s hope is that it has caused us to look up to God for help as God is not restricted in His power by a pandemic.

elder holland look up

Elder Holland also shared a brief exchange he had with a missionary who asked if he would give his life for the Church.

“A missionary once asked me, “Elder Holland, would you give your life for the Church?” and I said, “Elder, I am giving my life for the Church. Every day, I’m giving my life for the Church.” Because I know it’s true.”

“My plea every morning of my life is, ‘How can I convey what I know to be more true than anything on the face of this earth? How can I convey to some person, or persons, the reality of the divinity of the Lord Jesus Christ, the fact that God lives, that the heavens are open?’

I have a commission to stand by the Savior of the world, to defend Him and defend the rock that He is,” Elder Holland declared.

During the first part of 2020, Elder Holland was admitted to the hospital for health issues. On this week’s episode of the Church News podcast, Elder Holland talks about his miraculous recovery. One of his doctors could give no explanation for what he saw occur.

“To paraphrase what he said, medically and scientifically, there was no explanation for the rather dramatic results that he was reporting to me,” Elder Holland said on the podcast. “But he said, ‘On the other hand, I am a high priest. I am a bishop. I am a returned missionary, so I have other answers, other than my medical training.’

He said, ‘It doesn’t hurt to have several million people praying for you.’ And that was tender for me then, and it’s tender for me now. I know people pray for the Brethren. I hope they will all know that that’s appreciated and reciprocated, that we pray for the Church, and certainly do go on the strength of the Church praying for us.”

Listen to the full Church News podcast episode with Elder Holland