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Messages of Christ Video: Jesus and The Sinful Woman

Messages of Christ Video: Jesus and The Sinful Woman

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In the Book of Mormon, Enos tells us, “I kneeled down before my Maker, and I cried unto him in mighty prayer…” (Enos 1:4). In the New Testament, we learn of another who also knelt and cried before the Lord.

A woman entered uninvited to a home where Jesus was dining. To show her gratitude, with her own tears, she washed and anointed Jesus’ feet. Like Enos, the woman was told by the Lord that her sins were forgiven. 

Messages of Christ’s latest video Jesus and the Sinful Woman explores this story found in Luke 7. It reveals the cultural norms broken both by the woman and by the Savior to the dismay of the host, Simon, a Pharisee.

This video offers insights into an often overlooked Bible story. You’ll discover how this woman serves as an example of showing gratitude, love, and service for the Savior, he who loves all, and how all are welcomed to the Lord’s table.

As we celebrate this season of thanks, let us give thanks for the Savior through our acts of service.