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Sister Missionaries in California Sing I Feel My Savior’s Love Like You’ve Never Heard it Before

Missionaries in Visalia California came together to produce and shoot an incredible music video singing, “I Feel My Savior’s Love”, and it’s unlike any version you’ve probably ever heard before.

Two sister missionaries sang a pop version of this beloved primary song and the reaction has been overwhelming.

Dennis P. watched the video and commented: “Award winning best song of the year. You definitely have my vote.”

The two stars of the video are Hermana Von Hack-Prestinary and Hermana Kirkham, both of whom were originally called to missions in the Dominican Republic, Von Hack-Prestinary serving in the West Mission and Kirkham in the Santiago Mission.

Hermana von Hack-Prestinary

These two missionaries were reassigned to the California Fresno Mission due to the COVID-19 pandemic that called many missionaries serving abroad back to the United States.

Emily Von Hack-Prestinary, who has now completed her mission and been home for a few weeks, said that so many people came together to help record, produce, and shoot this video.

“All these amazing members helped contribute to this video, they were so willing to help us create this song. Our goal was to help others come unto Christ and feel their Savior’s love.” 

One amazing blessing of social media is that even though these two sisters were called back to the United States, they were able to reach out to their friends from the Dominican Republic on Facebook and continue to support them.

“Even though most of them don’t even understand English, they have reached out to us and tell us that they play our song every day, because it makes them feel happy,” said Emily Von Hack-Prestinary.

This video is affecting “far many more people than we could have ever expected.”

8 thoughts on “Sister Missionaries in California Sing I Feel My Savior’s Love Like You’ve Never Heard it Before

  1. Thank you Sisters for spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through your beautiful singing. We live in Clovis, California, in the Fresno CaliforniaMission. It was fun to see you walking down the country roads in our Valley. It is wonderful that you can use Social Media to share our Savior’s love to all the world. May you be blessed for your service.

  2. That was amazing, beautiful, and really touched by heart. These Sister Missionaries are sure to be successful in their missions
    because I believe that our Heavenly Father as surely touched and
    blessed them.

    Thank you Sisters.

  3. I like christianity I want to convert and join the christanity.
    God bless you and thankyou.

  4. Ben! This again is utter pricelessness. You have a knack for gathering beautiful thing to bring!
    Cheers, 💛🙏🏼

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