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6 Missionaries in San Antonio That Blew the Internet Up with This Classic Hymn Cover

6 Missionaries in San Antonio That Blew the Internet Up with This Classic Hymn Cover

Six ultra-talented missionaries serving in San Antonio Texas came together to create an a capella version of How Great Thou Art.

Their version has had tens of thousands of views since it was posted online. 

This video is yet another example of how missionaries are using their talents to spread the word of the Lord in perhaps not the most conventional ways.

Elder Uchtdorf said Church leaders have been examining missionary practices—where traditional “finding” has been limited by gated communities, inaccessible apartment buildings, and change of social communication practices—for many years.

“COVID-19 accelerated our thinking about this tremendously and opened our eyes for new ways,” including the use of technology, said Elder Uchtdorf. “The Spirit can work wonderfully as we use new and unfamiliar ways of communicating with each other.”

The choir was made up of:

  • Tanner DeHart
  • Sterling Stowell
  • Jared Mercado
  • Koby Smith
  • Sam Flores
  • Aubrey Grasteit 

One viewer on YouTube said: “WOW !!!!!!!! Earthly angels bearing witness of our Savior. These angels could have been the ones in the New Testament announcing the Saviors birth to the shepherds.”

Elder Uchtdorf said all missionaries, regardless of their circumstances, “have the wonderful opportunity of going forward by finding, teaching, baptizing, and making disciples” with the aid of technology and social media.

“The work goes on irrespective of whether there is an epidemic or smooth sailing.” The gospel “is a message of peace and hope; it is a message of healing and joy. Using technology to share this message with the help of the Spirit is the opportunity of our time.”

The transition from sharing the gospel by technology, to eye-to-eye personal contact is an important step in this process and will be much easier when the pandemic is better under control. But missionary work will continue to move forward—in spite of the pandemic.

“It is the fulfillment of the great commission given to us by the Savior based on the two great commandments showing our love for God and His children by ministering to all.”

Linda Sammon

Friday 30th of October 2020

I truly enjoy hearing our dear sister’s experience from herself and seeing how well she’s progressing. She really has an amazing spirit and and wonderful attitude. She also shows her knowledge of the Gospel and has no fear of sharing it and her terrible experience. I know that Heavenly Father lives and Jesus Christ is our brother. They have constant knowledge of what we are going through in life and during those difficult times we only need to reach out to them because their hands are already held out to take our hand and help! Thank you for sharing your experience and sharing your beautiful testimony of our Heavenly Father and our beloved Savior Jesus Christ! They live and one day we will have the opportunity to return home to them! With live, gratitude, hugs and blessings, Linda Sammon Cypress Creek Ward, Fort Lauderdale, FL