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The Best Dating Advice I Have Ever Received from a Bishop

The Best Dating Advice I Have Ever Received from a Bishop

The following thread was shared on Twitter.

I had a wonderful Bishop a few years ago when I moved into a new apartment complex in Provo that gave me the best dating advice I have ever heard.

I had recently broken up with a girl and, being the assistant ward clerk, Bishop noticed I wasn’t my usual chipper self.

He called me into his office and we talked about what had happened and he told me, “LES, if you want to find a good wife, what do you think you need to do?”

I said, “Go on dates?”

He smiled and said, “Yes but what else?” I looked at him confused.

He continued: “If you want to attract a woman, you need to cultivate those virtues within yourself. If you want a woman of strong faith, you need to strengthen your own faith. If you want a woman who is willing to serve in the Church, you need to serve faithfully in the Church. In short, if you want to find a wife, you need to develop those attributes in you as well, for light cleaveth unto light.”

That conversation profoundly affected me and, even though it would be about a year before I met my wife, I continued to work hard on being the kind of man that I knew that my wife would adore and love.

Now I can’t promise you that you’ll find a husband/wife instantly but I can tell you that this really changed how I approached dating and it worked for me. For the record, that YSA Ward had a very high marriage rate!

What is the best dating advice you have received?