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What President Nelson Had to Say on His 96th Birthday

What President Nelson Had to Say on His 96th Birthday

President Nelson took to social media on his 96th birthday to express gratitude – and to share a cute picture of himself as a toddler.

“Today I am 96 years old! Many years have passed since this photo was taken when I was a young boy, and in those years I have been blessed richly with opportunities to meet and come to love God’s children all over the world. I have also witnessed many miracles and mercies from the Lord.

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“Many of you have wished me a happy birthday. I wish to thank you and express my love for all who read this. The Lord loves you, and I am a witness that He is in the details of our lives.”

Thank you President Nelson for your inspired leadership, your gentle heart, and your never-ending focus on bringing us all closer to our Savior Jesus Christ through following the covenant path.

In his Church News video interview, President Nelson said:

A birthday, “Is just another day for me,” he said last year while visiting Brasilia, Brazil. “I hope I will be busy.”

“Celebrating 96 years,” a new Church News video honoring President Nelson’s 96th birthday and filmed before the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, offers a small glimpse into his fast-paced ministry and historic leadership.

“It is wonderful though to be able to look back and see the various stages of life,” said President Nelson. “But you know I really don’t spend any time at all looking back. I did the best I could in each one of those phases. And I am just looking forward to the many challenges that lie ahead.”

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To see coverage of President Nelson’s 96th birthday party that was help virtually with his family, read this article on the Church News.