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I Received Visitations from the Dark Side – I Knew that Satan Was Real

I Received Visitations from the Dark Side – I Knew that Satan Was Real

Don had always known about the Atonement of Christ, but he didn’t think it would work for him.

“Through high school and after high school, I just lived my life with no regard to how it affected other people or what it did to other people because I had lived my life really in almost complete opposition to what I was taught.”

Don said there came a time in his life when he thought about all of the people he’d interacted with over the years and the examples that he set that were not so good. When he started thinking about those things, he received visitations from the dark side.

“Satan became so real for me that it was frightening. I mean, I knew Satan existed – but on the other hand, I didn’t have a testimony of Jesus Christ.”

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Don remembers sitting at my parents’ table one day as they talked about religion (he didn’t buy it) and the one and only time my father bore his testimony was about Jesus Christ.

Ten years after that experience, while living a life full of hardships and being swayed by a myriad of influences, Don took to prayer as he was driving home from work one day.

“I started to have a prayer in my heart and I just got this epiphany that if I knew satan was the real guy that I know he is, then Christ has got to be real. Things started to change from there.”

Don eventually made the commitment to try to live his life like he knew he was supposed to and when he did, he was able to handle things that came his way because of his foundation.

“Work didn’t get easier, children didn’t get easier, life didn’t get easier, dealing with those things got easier. It just had made a significant change in my outlook on life my outlook on people – how I treat people, how I treat my kids, and for people that I may have hurt in the past.

For Don, coming unto Christ allowed him to change for the better.

“They don’t call him a Savior for nothing. He can save you from anything, literally anything.”

They don’t call him a Savior for nothing.