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Pastor Calls Christians Who Hate President Trump and Joe Biden to Repent

Pastor Calls Christians Who Hate President Trump and Joe Biden to Repent

David McGee is a Senior Pastor at The Bridge church, and he is encouraging others amidst the vitriol and hatred that is being exhibited during these political times. 

With an election just a few months away in the USA, David posted the following message on Facebook to remind Christians of the great commandment:

All Christians who hate President Trump. Repent.

All Christians who hate Vice-President Joe Biden. Repent.

All Christians who hate Democrat’s, repent.

All Christians who hate Republicans, repent.

As fruit of your repentance, pray for the one or ones you hated.

If a political ideology has turned you to hating people, or hating a person, or turning against friends, no matter which side, you now have the wrong political ideology.

Don’t let anyone, or any political party, talk you into hate. Jesus paid too much for you to be able to love and lose the hate.

Jesus died to forgive us of hate, to show us love, and tells us to love God and love others. We will disagree, sometimes strongly.

I understand, and Jesus understands getting mad, but don’t engage in hate or hurting others. Thanks for reading.

David’s words are a great reminder at a time when there are a multitude of opinions, and a dozen ways to share them with the world.

May we always be guided by the commandments to love God and love our neighbors. May we show our commitment to those commandments by how we act in person and online.



Tuesday 1st of September 2020

True! We should support our leaders & pray for them. We must keep the faith & press forward. I didn't vote for Trump, however I do pray for him & his office that they will lead us accordingly & they will serve the American people. Any wrong doings is for our Heavenly Father to handle..NOT US 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸