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WATCH: Latter-day Saint YouTuber Invites World to Find Their Talent and Share It

WATCH: Latter-day Saint YouTuber Invites World to Find Their Talent and Share It

Sara Arkell, aka The Piano Gal, released her very first single in August 2020, realizing a dream of hers that she has had for a while. Sara wants everyone to know that they have a gift they were given to share with others. 

Ever since Sara started her YouTube channel back in 2013, she has constantly received comments from people saying, “You are so talented, I wish I could play piano that well,” or “You’re amazing, but I have no talent”.

Because of these types of comments, Sara realized she needed to make a difference. It made her sad that people didn’t think they had talent – just because they couldn’t play piano the same way she could.

In March 2020 when quarantine started, Sara realized she had a lot more time on her hands to make this dream of writing her very first song come true. It definitely wasn’t easy but Sara managed to write the music and lyrics for her song, “Find Your Note”. 

In the music video, Sara highlights three different people who all have unique talents they have discovered in unexpected ways. 

Taylor Tilbey: The Dancer

Taylor was born with TAR syndrome which limits the use of her arms and legs. TAR syndrome is characterized by the absence of a bone called the radius in each forearm and a shortage of blood cells involved in clotting. But Taylor hasn’t let her circumstances stop her.

She has danced ever since she was little and is on her high school’s drill team. Sara wanted to highlight her because it was an important message to share that everyone has a talent no matter how hard it may be. 

Clyde Grimsley: The Woodworker

Clyde used to be a pilot but discovered a love for woodworking within the last several years. It brings him joy to see little children’s faces light up when he gives them a handmade wooden car. He uses his talent to shine his light and make someone’s day a little bit brighter.

Anna Hendricks: The Artist

Anna has developed her own kind of art which she creates using magazine paper that she rips and configures to form her masterpieces. She does it all without the help of scissors or any sort of markers for coloring. She brings joy into others’ lives through her beautiful masterpieces. (Read more about Anna in our exclusive article here)

Find Your Note

Sara’s hope for her song and video is to remind others of their God-given talents and inspire them to discover and pursue those talents with the goal of blessing other people.

EVERYONE has a purpose and a God-given talent – whether it be something everyone can see or something within, it’s there. 

President Nelson shared a similar message during the Women’s Session of October 2018’s General Conference. He actually extended an invitation to the women of the Church to search out their own gifts, or “find their note” as Sara has explained.

My dear sisters, you have special spiritual gifts and propensities. Tonight I urge you, with all the hope of my heart, to pray to understand your spiritual gifts—to cultivate, use, and expand them, even more than you ever have. You will change the world as you do so.

We hope that everyone, men and women, will seek out your spiritual gift and change the world for the better!

Let’s all help support Sara in her desire to share this message! You can watch the “Find Your Note” official music video on YouTube and download the song on all music streaming platforms.