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How Living Scriptures Has Benefitted Our Family

How Living Scriptures Has Benefitted Our Family

Don’t take our word for it, take the word of other happy customers who share the benefits of Living Scriptures in their home.

Our Kids Watch it Every Sunday

We love having Living Scriptures in our home. Our kids watch it every Sunday and absolutely love them. They really help them to learn the scriptures and about the prophets! I would recommend these to any family thinking about it! They are definitely worth the investment! – Nate

Excelling in Primary and Seminary

My kids have done so well in primary and seminary classes because they have seen these videos. We use them for FHE. The music on them is so well done. I would recommend them to any family. – Cindy Middleton

Never Too Old

We have had Living Scriptures for years. I thought the kids would stop watching as they got older. However, they are all in their teens and still watch. – Heather 

Animation Fascination

Our children love the Animated Hero Classics. When their teachers at school are studying Thomas Edison, Etc. They are delighted when our children offer to bring them in for the class! – Danniel 

Learning from the Scriptures

Our family loves the animated Book of Mormon, the Old, & New Testament. I am a convert to the church and I have learned so much. When we read the scriptures as a family, I can see my children’s eyes light up when we read a chapter and they remember the stories from Living Scriptures. I’m sure my husband would say my eyes light up too! Thank you. – Kara 

Family Home Evening Win

For years it was our goal as a couple to teach our children the scriptures and make it interesting. Of course, it was a big challenge until I purchased Living Scriptures. We have seen a big change in our family. Everyone became closer and look forward to having Family Home Evenings. These videos have made such a positive change that I will recommend them to other families and will refer them too. – Brian

Knowing the Prophets

The Modern Prophet Video series is full of background information that makes each prophet memorable and unique that you probably won’t find in the Elder’s quorum manual series “Teachings of the Prophets”, which are excellent manuals by the way. It just helps you remember each prophet and the uniqueness and at least learn their names and who they were and are. The funny or quirky or things that stand out in their life help you remember them, that they were people as well as prophets too. – Douglas

By the way, you can sign up for Living Scriptures for one free month by clicking here. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Living Scriptures Streaming?

We deliver HD video and audio very similar to Netflix over the Internet. We offer a large library of faith-promoting media directly to your computer, streaming device (Roku, AppleTV, Chromecast, and FireTV), phone, or tablet.

How Much Does Living Scriptures Cost?

Our plan includes unlimited streaming of our entire library of inspiring shows, movies, and audio for just $9.99 a month. Your first month is free, and you can cancel anytime.

What Can I Watch on Living Scriptures Streaming?

Watch our exclusive Animated Book of Mormon, Animated New Testament, and Animated Old Testament videos, and over 3,000 other titles, including popular Latter-day Saint films, children’s programming, Church History, nature, and historical documentaries, inspiring family movies, and much, much more!

Where Can I Watch?

You can watch Living Scriptures Streaming at home, in the car, in a waiting room… anywhere you have a compatible device and an internet connection. Download titles to watch offline too.

How Can I Cancel?

Simply sign in to your account to manage your subscription anytime you like. Click the “cancel membership” on your account management screen to cancel.

You can try out Living Scriptures for one free month by clicking here.