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How to Love Cooking Again and Simplify Your Life With Healthy and Natural Ingredients

How to Love Cooking Again and Simplify Your Life With Healthy and Natural Ingredients

Thrive Life freeze dried food makes meal preparation faster, simpler, and more convenient…without neglecting taste and quality!

Read what customers have to say about Thrive Life as they share their stories.

Roger and Carie J. in Utah

Our family spends a lot of time in the kitchen, and our kids love to get into the action and help cook the meals. THRIVE makes this so easy by providing us with healthy, convenient ingredients that take the “sigh” out of cooking a meal for a big family.

We are excited to experiment with THRIVE ingredients in all our favorite recipes. Hooray for tasty, easy, and good-for-you family meals!

Julie K. in Pennsylvania

I have no qualms about admitting that I do not enjoy cooking. I don’t think about dinner until I am HUNGRY and then food needs to hit my stomach within minutes before I turn quite beastly. Add to this my dislike for shopping…and this wanna-be healthy mama was in serious trouble!

Now, I’m the supermom who sends freeze dried fruits to preschool snack time, whose kids snack on pure fruit and veggies daily, and who can whip together an amazingly tasty and nutritious dinner in less than a half-hour!

Shirlee J. in California

Thrive Life food has made me love cooking again. The kids love to help bring me all the items of the recipe and even are becoming little inventors of their own. I always have something to make and never have to worry about taking something out to defrost!

Michelle H. in Kansas

I am a full-time EMT and my schedule runs 48 hours on/48 hours off. I also have a son that has a lot of food issues, so cooking a healthy meal for my family can be difficult. With THRIVE, I don’t have to worry about the preservatives and food colorings he is allergic to, and I love that most THRIVE is non-GMO.

I can use THRIVE in my everyday cooking and my whole family loves it. No peeling or chopping and it saves me time. I can prepare my meals in half the time. I love that I don’t have food spoiling in the refrigerator–it comes right to my door! I don’t have to take time out of an already busy schedule to go to the grocery store, and it is quick, easy, and convenient to use.

THRIVE can change your life and give you more time with your family along with providing healthy, nutritious meals. THRIVE makes that possible for me and my family!

Jenn C. in Utah

A couple of years ago, I stopped buying most processed and prepared foods. The chemicals were of concern to me, and we were operating on a very tight budget, so I wanted to get the best I could for my buck. The hardest part of not buying prepared foods was making everything from scratch.

I felt like I spent my entire life in the kitchen. Then I started using THRIVE and my whole world changed. With THRIVE’s minimally processed, healthy foods, I can make dinner in 15-20 minutes flat, any day of the week.

So if I’m delivering one of my 8 kids to elementary school play practice, and another to the middle school play practice, and two others to the literacy center to help tutor other students who are struggling, and then reversing to pick them all up, I don’t have to stress about what to put on the table when I get home.

I know that by using my “THRIVE Formula” I can make something they’ll all love. THRIVE makes it easy, convenient, and deliciously healthy to make meals for my family that I can feel good about. It’s been life-changing, and a life saver…no question!

Sara H. in Nebraska

THRIVE saves my family money and time, it is as simple as that. THRIVE allows me to use just the amount of whatever I need for a recipe, whether it’s meat or veggies or fruit. No more throwing out limp celery because I needed only one stalk. No more last-minute runs to the grocery to get kid-friendly foods. No more cooking, cooling, then chopping chicken. No more splatter clean ups from frying burger or sausage.

The kids love to snack on the yogurt bites and any of the fruits and I don’t have to worry about rotten fruit or spoiled dairy from my once-a-week trip to the grocery. In our household, we try not to eat a lot of processed foods and strive to eat whole and clean. THRIVE make that easier and less stressful as well.

Isabelle H.

We started using THRIVE about 1 year ago. It saves us time and money. It’s very delicious and flavorful. I’m self-employed and love cooking from scratch. With THRIVE I’m able to do that but save a lot of time in the kitchen as everything is peeled, washed, and chopped. I developed a couple of allergies (like gluten and GMO).

Since we use mostly THRIVE I feel healthier and see improvements. The BEST thing is that THRIVE is very open with information about there products. They have high standards for their food and they truly care about their customers. I’m so in LOVE with THRIVE.

Michel N.

My husband and I have noticed a marked improvement in the way we feel. We are eating less, feeling satisfied, and have fewer cravings because we are getting more nutrients in our food thanks to Thrive. Inflammation is WAY down, our joints are less painful and we are more mobile.

He has lost quite a bit of weight. I haven’t lost weight but am less “fluffy” lol because allergies and inflammation are more controlled. Prior to finding non-GMO Thrive food we hadn’t eaten corn for several years; now corn is back in our diet and we love it. All the foods are ‘clean’, natural, fresh, and taste GREAT! I can’t convey how excited we are to be able to eat ‘REAL’ food.

Kecia R. in Oregon

I was diagnosed pre-diabetic in 2013. I asked my Doctor if it was something I needed medication for or would she trust me to make a change in my diet and bring my sugar levels down. I left the office that day feeling confused because the foods I thought were healthy had led me to weight gain and bad health!

I searched for as much information as I could for foods that I could trust to give me the nutrition I needed without eating salads for the rest of my life. I discovered ThriveLife! What a change….I now eat balanced, tasty, and highly nutritional foods. I have since lost 50 lbs without dieting and have gotten my A1C down for the past 3 years checks to 5.1.

Thrive has allowed me to be creative making things like Cauliflower crust pizza, peanut flour with dark chocolate truffles, tasty smoothies using real fruit and so much more. I now can say I Thrive with ThriveLife!

You can learn more about Thrive Life here.