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How Some Presbyterian Churches Are Social Distancing with a Smile

How Some Presbyterian Churches Are Social Distancing with a Smile

Redeemer Presbyterian Church of New Orleans is doing their best to worship together responsibly during these difficult times with COVID-19.

In an effort to adhere to strict social distancing guidelines and continue their in-church worship services, they’ve gotten creative with their pew signs.

Sometimes in life you have to rely on humor and as they say, laughter is the best medicine.

What a creative way to make the best of a hard situation! Who wouldn’t smile upon reading one of these signs at church?

The post they shared on their Facebook page with the signs has over 30,000 shares and thousands of comments. Some have expressed concern with their continued worship, so they shared the following message below:

A few have asked — we have in-person worship, under the safest measures we can find. Two out of every three pews are closed off with these funny signs, and ushers seat folks in only 10% of our seats.

Most watch on live stream instead. Not perfect, and a lot of extra work, but we’re trying our best to be safe and to worship the Lord.


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