Missionaries Record Time-Lapse Video as They Create Picture of Christ Using Skittles

Elder Spencer Wagstaff and Elder Manu Tefan had a “sweet” message to share on Facebook recently—in more ways than one.

The two missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have been getting creative lately during the pandemic to bring others closer to Christ. In this case, that meant creating a picture of the Savior through an unusual medium: Skittles.

A time-lapse shows the elders creating a type of mosaic using orange, red, green, yellow, and purple Skittles to resemble a portrait of the Savior. Carefully planning out the project on a grid system and after some trial and error, the companionship finished the picture in about five to six hours, using about 1,500 Skittles in total.

The missionaries shared their testimony in a simple caption in their video on Facebook, saying the “Only thing [sweeter] than Skittles is Jesus!”

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