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Missionaries Perform Spiritual Rendition of “Stand By Me”

Missionaries Perform Spiritual Rendition of “Stand By Me”

Elders Caden Gifford and Jake Richards, missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recorded a spiritual rendition of “Stand By Me” by Ben E King.

It’s a song we all know, but hearing the words sung in the context of a relationship with Christ was a powerful moment for me.

Here are some interesting notes about the song Stand By Me that you might not know:

  • There have been over 400 recorded versions of the song
  • In 2012 it was estimated that the song’s royalties had topped $22.8 million
  • Psalm 46:2 was the inspiration for some of the words Ben E King added to the song
  • The song was also based on an early 20th-century gospel hymn by Charles Albert Tindley

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