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Your Jaw Will Drop When You See What These Missionaries Drew

Your Jaw Will Drop When You See What These Missionaries Drew

Missionaries in quarantine have a special need for creativity these days. Much of their work is done online and finding creative ways to share the gospel can be a challenge at times.

I’m used to seeing quite a few videos every day from missionaries who are doing their part to try and reach people through Facebook videos.

Now and again, I’ll see a video that makes my jaw drop. Recently I came across such a video.

missionary chalk art

Houston East Missionaries Working Their Magic

Sister Hannah Wright, her companion, Sister Balch, and the Elders in her district from the Houston East Mission all joined together to create a beautiful chalk drawing as a way to share a gospel message while being quarantined due to Covid-19. They drew “The Good Shepherd” by Del Parson on a chalkboard in the church meetinghouse. 

In addition to Sister Hannah Wright, the other missionaries who helped create the video are Sister Jennifer Balch, Elder Calleb Hartshorn, Elder Brandon Mayo, Elder Brandon Farley and Elder Zachary Tyler.

One viewer could tell that Sister Wright was an actual artist and joked that she had a leg up on the other missionaries and was cheating. The funny thing is, Sister Wright’s mother saw that comment and responded:

I’m her Mom! You’re right she is an actual artist and a fully self-taught one! She has been drawing since she was young and her artwork and paintings have grown with her. I love looking at them every day— I left them all out just as she had left them when she went to serve. I am so glad she has a unique way now to share her talents by sharing the gospel which she loves and wants to do with all of her heart!

According to other comments from mom, this is the first of several more to come! Sister Wright said it took them about two hours in total to do the drawing, and they can’t wait until they can do more.

You can watch a video of the missionaries in action below.

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