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What’s Your Version of “Giving 100%” as A Mother?

What’s Your Version of “Giving 100%” as A Mother?

The following post originally appeared on Spiritually Fed and is posted here with permission from Bri Marshall.

I was talking with a friend a few days ago about how she has been feeling down about herself. She has been feeling down because she thinks she hasn’t been giving 100% to her children like she normally does. She wants to make her children the top of her daily list.

Giving 100%

After talking to her, I thought about if I had been giving myself to my children 100%. I was curious to see where my thoughts were on this. 

I told her that on the days that we are connecting really well and creating great memories those are the days I feel 100%. Some of those days don’t even involve me being by their side the whole day. 

I also expressed to my friend when I don’t feel 100% it’s when I didn’t connect much that day. I really try to make a goal where I can connect with both of my kids at least once a day. 

With that as my goal, I feel great about what I gave as a mother.

Connecting 100%

I loved a recent connection I had with my kids. We actually spent most of the time with our friends. We went out for lunch, went to the Aquarium, and then went swimming. It was fun to just have a fun day with people we care about. 

My favorite moment of the day had to be before heading for lunch. My kids and I were playing with toys and we just had a random tickle fight. After 6 years of being a mom they figured out my tickling spot. 

(Won’t tell you what it is. Haha)

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For a solid 30 minutes we were laughing hysterically. They thought it was so fun to find my tickle spot and have me laugh uncontrollably.

They didn’t even want to leave for lunch because we all ended up cuddling on the floor talking. They wanted to stay there for a while. I couldn’t blame them, it was such a perfect moment.

Moments like that are what rates my days as 100%. When I am able to connect and fully be present with my children is the most fulfilling. 

I love being a mom and connecting as much as I can. I love that I get to connect even if it was only that one time for the day. It wasn’t but I am proud of how it started our day. 

“(The Lord) has shown us that if we are faithful we will associate with each other in an immortal and glorious state; that those connections formed here, that are of the most enduring character, shall exist in eternity.” 

-Lorenzo Snow: Chapter 9: Sacred Family Relationships

How do you feel 100% as a wife, mother, or friend?