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Emma Smith’s Last Dream: “Where Are The Rest of My Children?”

Emma Smith’s Last Dream: “Where Are The Rest of My Children?”

Emma lived for almost 35 years after the martyrdom of her prophet husband. She died April 30th, 1879 in her 75th year. Twenty-four years later, Alexander Hale Smith, a son of Joseph and Emma told an audience in North Dakota about his mother’s last days.

He said that Emma had told her nurse about a dream she had a few nights before her death. According to Emma’s nurse, Emma had the following dream.

Joseph came to me and said to me, “Emma come with me. It is time for you to come with me.”

I put on my bonnet and my shawl and went with him. I did not think that it was anything unusual.

I went with him into a mansion, a beautiful mansion, and he showed me through the different apartments of that beautiful mansion and one room was the nursery.

In that nursery was a babe in a cradle. I knew my babe, my Don Carlos that was taken away from me.

I sprang forward, caught up the child in my arms, and wept with joy over the child. 

When I recovered myself sufficient, I turned to Joseph and said, “Joseph, where are the rest of my children?” and he said to me, “Emma, be patient and you shall have all of your children.”

Then I saw standing by his side a personage of light, even the Lord Jesus Christ.

Joseph, where are the rest of my children?

In the last hours of Emma’s life, she was attended by her family, according to Alexander. 

Emma seemed to sink away, but then she raised up and stretched out her hand calling, “Joseph, Joseph”, and her spirit was gone.

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