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Geelightful YouTube Family Sings Song in Tribute to Fathers

Geelightful YouTube Family Sings Song in Tribute to Fathers

The Geelightful YouTube family is back at it with another parody video – and this one is sure to make you grateful for the dad you have, or perhaps have you longing for the one you don’t.

“Celebrating the exhausting joys of fatherhood, kids sing a Maroon 5 Father’s Day parody to their dad of eight, with the classic Primary song intertwined.”

I wasn’t expecting this song to move me as much as it did, but it speaks to the importance of having loving fathers in our homes.

Many of the ills that are impacting our society currently could be cured if the stability of fathers in the home were a reality.

“The three staples of children’s social and emotional diet are their mother’s love, their father’s love, and stability. When children are raised by their married parents, they have daily access to all three.”¹

By divine design, fathers are to preside over their families in love and righteousness and are responsible to provide the necessities of life and protection for their families.

We are so grateful for this wonderful family that is sharing positive messages of love and light with the world. Please enjoy the video below and support them by subscribing to their YouTube channel.

1 – To Truly Reduce Racial Disparities, We Must Acknowledge Black Fathers Matter