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WATCH: Beautiful Child With Down Syndrome Sings Solo For The First Time

WATCH: Beautiful Child With Down Syndrome Sings Solo For The First Time

Kate Larsen is the proud mother of a beautiful girl with Down Syndrome named Faith.

Faith has difficulty expressing herself but has been working really hard to improve every day. Her latest goal was to be able to sing a solo for a worship service at home.

Kate shared the following video in the Worldwide United Facebook group and it quickly exploded with thousands of views, over 1,600 comments, and over 12,000 likes.

The video was posted with the following message from mom:

“This beautiful girl of mine has Down Syndrome. It has always been challenging for her to express herself through language and even now, we are working with her mastering complete sentences.

She rocks her extra chromosome and last week informed me she wanted to be the special music selection for our family worship service. I honestly thought it was impossible for her to learn all the lyrics that fast and my musical self was planning on at least two weeks for any level of mastery.

But true to form, this little light of mine proved me wrong in all the best ways and learned this in five days! This is her first-ever solo performance. My heart melts when I hear her sing, and I hope you can feel the hope, faith, and light she brings.”

We are so proud of Faith. She is an incredible young woman who is taking things one day at a time and do what she can to spread her light with the world.

She rocks her extra chromosome.

Show Faith some love and subscribe to her YouTube channel, Living with Faith. Leave her a comment while you are there, I am sure she would appreciate it!