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Another Missionary Announces Reassignment with Creative Flair

Hermana Heidi Wilding had been serving in the Argentina Bahia Blanca mission since January of 2020 – and then COVID-19 hit. After three months in Argentina, she was sent home to await reassignment.

Showing her creativity and positive attitude, Sister Wilding created a short video to announce her reassignment – but the way she did it was anything but conventional.

Taking her inspiration from the show Survivor, the video shows Sister Wilding being reassigned to a new tribe. This new tribe is the Utah Salt Lake City West Mission, which she will be reporting to in June 2020.

Elder Porter created a similar video after he learned he would be reassigned to a new mission in San Diego California. You can check out the video he created below.

No one serving a mission had any idea of the adjustments and disruption they would be facing. It is pretty incredible to see these young people making the best of a difficult situation and using the tool of humor to make their burdens a little lighter. 

Great work missionaries! We love you for your hard work and determination and wish you the best of luck with your new assignments.


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