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Real Human Trafficking Story: Emotional Reunion of Mother And Daughter Together After 25 Years

Imagine the grief of hearing your baby had died. As horrible as that sounds, that is exactly what Belle’s family was told shortly after she was born and in order to kidnap her.

In this real human trafficking story, Operation Underground Railroad shares Belle’s remarkable journey and the powerful reunion between Belle and her family.

operation underground railroad

Belle was born in Romania to a lower-income family. Because of the poverty in the area, child human trafficking is not uncommon. In Belle’s situation, the doctors in her hospital stole her from her family to a human trafficking orphanage where she was adopted by a family for a large sum.

Her story is one of incredible persistence of trying to find her family. When Operation Underground Railroad heard of her story, they stepped in to help her reunite and meet her family for the first time.

You will be in awe of her story and you won’t want to miss this amazingly beautiful reunion. 

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