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Sticking to Your Grocery Budget by Avoiding Waste

Sticking to Your Grocery Budget by Avoiding Waste

This article originally appeared on Thrive Life’s website.

I was constantly going over my grocery budget. From veggies going bad too quickly to the kids sneaking snacks behind my back, I felt like I was always restocking my fridge.

My husband and I would get half-way through the pay period and wonder where on earth our food budget went!

I guess this shouldn’t be much of a surprise since the typical North American family of four tosses out an average of $1,500 of food a year!

When I was introduced to Thrive Life, I was really excited to get this nutrient-packed food in my kitchen, but I’m not gonna lie, I worried about how it would fit into our already depleting food budget.

But I’ve figured out how to stop tossing out food and start saving my grocery budget, and now I’m gonna share those nuggets of knowledge with you!

I started by making a list of those foods I threw out the most. For our family, that was spinach, strawberries, apples, bananas, and mushrooms. Instead of buying these from the grocery store, I bought them from Thrive!

Buying Fruits and Veggies in Bulk

Remember, when you buy fruits and vegetables with Thrive Life, you’re buying in bulk, which is something I’d never do at the grocery store—that would be a rotten food disaster!

But with Thrive, I get a month’s supply of the foods we use the most, and guess what, they last for months! Now that might seem like such a little thing, but let me tell you, it’s saved us so much money on our grocery bill!

Eliminating the Quick Trips

When I used to run out of certain foods, I’d go to the grocery store to grab some more mushrooms, but that was never the only thing I grabbed!

A quick trip to the neighborhood market often resulted in a few laps around the store, picking up some extra snacks or a candle that was on sale (who doesn’t love a good candle?).

Those mushrooms would end up costing me $20 with all the extra non-necessities I’d grab!

Grocery stores are designed to encourage impulse purchases, so by simply removing the need to run to the store in the first place, I’m saving money!

Don’t get discouraged by your grocery budget. As parents, I know it can get frustrating, but believe me, there are solutions to the problem.

Yes, the kids are still gonna sneak into the pantry when you’re not looking, but it kinda makes you proud when you catch them digging into a can of Thrive Life strawberries!

More Foods in the Mix

Make a list of those 6-7 foods you toss out the most, or even the 6-7 foods you would buy if they didn’t go bad so fast! I never used to buy raspberries because I would get annoyed with how quickly they’d mold—now I have a can in my pantry that stays fresh for months, no chasing expiration dates!

With Thrive Life, it becomes so much easier to stick to your budget, get healthier foods on the plate, and a wider variety in your kitchen.

To check out Thrive Life fruits and vegetables, you can see what they have to offer here.

Ben Arkell is an Independent Consultant with Thrive Life.