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Hundreds of Kids Participate in Digital “Quarantined Kids Got Talent” Show

Hundreds of Kids Participate in Digital “Quarantined Kids Got Talent” Show

This week in Utah, USA it was announced that school would be canceled for the remainder of the school year. This has a lot of kids understandably disappointed.

One man decided to send a rallying cry out to these incredible kids to help boost their spirits.

That man is Collin Kartchner, and his idea was to launch the first-ever QUARANTINED KIDS GOT TALENT SHOW.

It’s not a surprise that an idea like this would come from Collin, after all, he was deemed “a WARRIOR for our kids” by Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes. 

Collin travels across the country spreading the truth about the harmful effects of social media and cell phones using the hashtag #SAVETHEKIDS, and is also empowered by the mantra, “Fighting Every Day for Families.”

In a post on Instagram this week, he bounced the idea of a QUARANTINED KIDS GOT TALENT SHOW to his 131,000 Instagram followers:

Yo yo yo, my fellow pandemic people! I hope you’re hanging in there. So they just announced Utah students won’t come back this school year. Other states have too. I know a lot of kids (especially HS seniors) are majorly bummed.

We need something fun, so how about this: I’m launching the first QUARANTINED KIDS GOT TALENT SHOW. That’s right. I know so many of you kids are cooped up at home but lots of you have a cool/amazing/ or weird talent so let’s see it!

Collin said he wants the good, the bad, and the mediocre. “I don’t care if you’re even good at it, in fact, I was going to call this “Mediocre Talent Night” cuz who cares if you’re really good at something. Why should everyone feel like they can only share stuff on social media that they’re basically the best at? Bring on the mediocrity baby.”

The response has been incredible! On day one, hundreds of kids all over the USA began sending in videos showing their talents in music, sports, theater, and art. 

Sooooo many amazing talents you guys BLEW ME AWAY. I shared tons in my stories today check them out, and have 100+ more to share today/tomorrow. We have kid cloggers, sword making, nun-chuckers, puppeteers, rappers, trick shotters, dancers, singers, pogo-stickers…. I can’t keep up with all the awesomeness!

You can see some of those submissions on Instagram below.

This was Collin’s response after getting his Day 2 submissions.

Quarantine Kids Got Talent™️ Day 2 was even bigger than day 1 yo! I got ~300 submissions yesterday and ALL of you guys are AMAAZINGG – like legit. I can’t handle all this awesomeness. I WISH I could post ALL of them! I already knew KIDS ARE THE BEST but holy crap this future is bright.  I’ve already had someone at a MAJOR RECORD LABEL message me wanting to meet one of these kids.

Make sure to give Collin Kartchner a follow on Instagram to see the rest of the submissions and also become more aware of the incredible work he is doing to save our kids from the plague of anxiety and depression that is afflicting our families as a result of the lack of connection due to cell phones and social media.