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What President Oaks Whispered to President Nelson When He Finished His Talk

What President Oaks Whispered to President Nelson When He Finished His Talk

April 2020’s General Conference was definitely unique, and one of the reasons for that was due to the location of the speakers.

Situated in a small auditorium in the Conference Center, it provided a much different setting where we were allowed to experience some of the intimate interactions that we would normally miss.

During the first session, you could hear someone whisper “Go” just before President Oaks stood up to begin conducting the session.

Others reported hearing the brethren giving compliments such as “wonderful”, “magnificent”, and the like.

In this clip, you can hear President Oaks compliment President Nelson during the April 2020 Saturday Evening Session as he returns to his seat by saying, “Beautiful.”

Thanks to “The Stake Clerk” twitter account for making us aware of this incredible clip. You can see his post below.

Many other saints mentioned they had noticed similar compliments. Here are a few of their thoughts. 

Yeah. I noticed that throughout. You can hear little comments like that after several of the talks. I think after the youth speakers, too. Mic was hot! – Nathan

Our kids noticed that happened a lot. After one of the talks, President Nelson even said “Magnificent.” Love to see the leaders support each other! – Nate

Joy of the intimate setting. Imagine the day the church was organized it was much like this. – Catherine

I really wish all future conferences would be like this. Then everyone is equal watching from home. It was the best. – David

There is a “Magnificent” after President Eyring’s Saturday morning talk. It is my favorite thing about listening to the audio of this conference. – Andy

To listen to President Nelson’s talk in its entirety, you can do so below.

Did you hear anything one of the brethren said after a talk that stood out to you?