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One Woman’s Recycling is Another’s Work of Art

One Woman’s Recycling is Another’s Work of Art

Anna Hendricks has spent the last 12 years teaching contemporary art theory at the University of Southern California, all-the-while becoming an expert in the field of Art Nouveau.

Just kidding.

The truth?

Anna lives in Utah and is only 15-years-old, but she can do this!!!

Anna has developed her own kind of art which she creates using magazine paper that she rips and configures to form her masterpieces. She does it all without the help of scissors or any sort of markers for coloring.

Anna struggled her whole life to draw or paint with any sort of precision, but while living in Virginia she decided to take an art class. She was given a simple assignment from her art teacher to create a collage.

From that small assignment, Anna’s own style was born.

How long does it take her to make an average work of art? That’s a hard one to answer and it really depends on the difficulty of the piece, but some works of art can take hours and hours.

Since Anna’s school has been canceled because of the COVID-19 quarantine, she’s been able to spend about five hours a day creating collages. It’s a great way to pass the time because she’s found something she’s really passionate about.

When her dad was asked what he thought about Anna’s artwork, he said he was very impressed with the patience that it takes to finish one of her pieces.

Anna is incredibly talented and occasionally she shares her works of art on her Instagram page. You can also purchase artwork from her of previous pieces she’s done, or she can even do custom orders as well. Just follow her on Instagram and send her a direct message if you’re interested.

(Click to scroll through the gallery below to see more of Anna’s incredible work. Click here to follow Anna on Instagram at PaperAnna)