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Cosmo the Cougar’s Stunt Helps BYU Goes Viral, Again!

Cosmo the Cougar’s Stunt Helps BYU Goes Viral, Again!

Cosmo the Cougar has got to be one of the most famous college mascots around.

Seeing hit antics on Sportscenter is becoming a tradition.

His latest stunt involved the help of some of the male BYU cheerleaders as they launched him into the air from the three-point line for an incredible alley-oop dunk.

You can see a replay of this incredible feat below.

The awesome slow-motion highlight was shared by Sportscenter on Twitter and at the release of this article, it has over 2.6 million views from that Twitter account alone.

According to Wikipedia, Cosmo’s workload of performances at more than 450 functions a year necessitates that there be more than one Cosmo at a time.[1] A team of people, Team Cosmo, helps him with his antics.[2] He drives around in the Cosmobile, a van retrofitted for Cosmo’s active lifestyle, and also owns a go-cart.

Is there a college mascot that has more notoriety than Cosmo?


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