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The Crosby’s Blow Us Away with Lion King Video and Someone Other Than Claire Steals the Show

The Crosby’s Blow Us Away with Lion King Video and Someone Other Than Claire Steals the Show

Claire Ryann used to be the only star of the show on her YouTube channel.

But things have changed.

Now releasing music videos and family vlogs under the YouTube channel name of The Crosby’s, Claire and the crew are connecting with people all over the world and delivering an overload of cuteness…

…and talent.

There’s Claire, of course, who started on YouTube as a 3-year-old sensation. Add her dad, Dave, to the equation – who himself is an accomplished guitarist and singer. (This is my favorite original of his.)

Claire’s mom, Ashley, is awonderful pianist and has been accompanying her daughter in a handful of her more recent videos. (Sidenote here – my dream collab would be The Piano Gal and Ashley playing a duet on the piano, with Claire singing.)

This latest video, which includes the family covering every song from Disney’s Lion King, has appearances from every member of the family, including Carson and June.

The video production was done by Nick Sales, and there are so many epic moments. 

The Crosby's Lion King YouTube video

From Claire’s hug of Carson, to Dave’s hoisting of June in typical Lion King fashion, it was such an incredible video to enjoy with the family.


…there is one moment (two seconds to be exact) that made my draw drop.

It was completely unexpected, and that is why it was so impactful.

The moment I’m referring to is when Claire’s mom, Ashley, took her turn singing (for the first time on the channel that I am aware of) >> See Ashley Rock Her 2 Second Solo. She then blends in “perfect harmony” (see what I did there??) with her husband Dave.ashley crosby

I sent a message to Dave letting him know that his wife can sing and he said that maybe she’ll be willing to sing more knowing that people are blown away by how beautiful he part was.

It’s a joy to see the Crosby’s performing together and spreading goodness and light to the world. They are incredible talents and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

Who has seen the live-action version of Lion King yet?



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