New York City Power Outage Forces Choir in Carnegie Hall to Street to Sing “I Believe in Christ”

millenial choir new york city

Carnegie Hall was packed with excited fans waiting to see the latest performance by the Millenial Choir.

…and then the power went out.

According to CNN, “there were 16,000 customers without power in Midtown Manhattan and the Upper West Side, utility company ConEdison said. At its peak, the number was about 72,000.”

Millennial Choirs & Orchestras (MCO) is a musical organization of choirs for youth and adults, as well as a symphony orchestra. MCO has locations in five states: California, Arizona, Utah, Texas, and Idaho.

The choir traveled thousands of miles to New York City to have the wonderful chance to perform in Carnegie Hall.

Because of the power outage, parts of the city where is a slight state of chaos. Even the National Guard had to be called in to help with traffic control.

Quick to improvise, the choir decided to take its performance to the streets where they got a larger audience than they could have ever imagined. News agencies from all over the world are catching wind of the incredibly inspiring performance.

millenial choir new york city

Briallen Hopper couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get the performance on camera, as did many others who found the beauty in a frustrating situation for many.

“I guess this is what they call a New York moment. After being trapped on the F for an hour because of the power outage I emerged to see dark restaurants & traffic lights, civilians directing traffic, & an evacuated Carnegie Hall concert happening in the street,” she said.

Greg Trimble, whose son sings in the choir, posted the following on his Instagram account – referencing those who came to tears from witnessing the beautiful performance.

Benjamin Stratford is a member of the Millenial Choir and performed earlier in the day. Upon hearing of the blackout, he was very sympathetic to those who would not have the chance to perform in Carnegie Hall. 

I am in this choir and my group sang at 1 pm today at Carnegie Hall. It was the most life-changing experience of my life. Hearing this made my heart sink for the MCO choirs of Utah and California. For their efforts to fly all the way out here and perform in front of hundreds.

But now seeing this post confirmed my testimony of Jesus Christ and no matter how hard the situation may be, we can get through anything through him. And watching them sing this song in the streets of NYC is a perfect example of that. My heart goes to the people of California and Utah. 

…seeing this post confirmed my testimony of Jesus Christ and no matter how hard the situation may be, we can get through anything through him.

One family member of a Millenial Choir perform shared the following in a comment on a Deseret News article:

My niece was in New York to hear family members perform in the choir at Carnegie Hall. While they were disappointed with the blackout, she reported that many good things took place when the choir started to sing outside in the streets of New York. The large crowds were calmed.

One story tells of an upset woman stuck in the subway for over an hour but as she came up the stairs to the street and heard the choir she the music immediately calmed her down.  

Although plans changed, and the New York City blackout was not ideal, the impact of these dedicated singers who were determined to still perform is immeasurable. Hundreds of thousands of people who never would have heard this performance were able to hear the city streets flooded with songs of Christ.

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Sometimes personal dreams are crushed in an instant. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for a musician to play in Carnegie Hall. In an instant, a large portion of Manhattan lost power and the lights went out just prior to the men, women, and children who had been practicing and anticipating this day for the last year of their life. Thousands of dollars were spent in airfare for large families, hotel accommodations and other travel arrangements. Instruments were transported, hundreds and thousands of hours were invested. And every heart was tuned for an experience INSIDE that historic hall. Everyone was evacuated from the hall. A logistical nightmare that no one could have prepared for. We waited anxiously in the humid heat, prayed the power would come back on, and lit up the city with music that lifted the congregating masses. As time went on and it started to get dark, Brandon Stewart stood up on a chair and announced that the hall would be cancelling the concert. There was palpable pain that went through the air as he said those words. So many sacrifices seemingly dashed in an instant. And then in true form, Brandon, this Juilliard graduate stopped and said, “but we’re going to leave this city with ‘I Believe in Christ’… and we’re going to let it rip.” Certainly, people will call it a coincidence. But I learned that this is the first time in the history of this historic hall that they have ever had to cancel a concert because of a blackout. When we got back to our hotel, a local worker told us without us asking that NYC hasn’t seen a blackout like this in 15 years. The power was eventually restored near the time that the concert would have ended had it proceeded as planned. My belief is that God moved a lot of really good people at their own expense to a place on this planet in which a message of hope and faith in Christ could be fully syndicated. Millions have now heard this message. Here’s another look of that parting song… in its entirety. ❤️ you all! #nyc #nycblackout #mcoinnyc @millennial_choir

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Carnegie Hall was packed with excited fans waiting to see the latest performance by the Millenial Choir. …and then the power went out. According...
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