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Future NBA Hall of Famer Dwyane Wade Gives Closing Prayer at Baptismal Service

Future NBA Hall of Famer Dwyane Wade Gives Closing Prayer at Baptismal Service

It’s not every day that one of the highlights of a baptismal service is the person giving the prayer.

But it just so happens that one person who attended a Latter-day Saint baptism is famous for making highlights.

dwyane wade miami heat lds

Dwyane Wade, a future NBA Hall of Famer who played 17 years in the NBA, gave the closing prayer at a baptismal service held in Florida on June 1, 2019, for Calyann Barnett.

Wade, a member of the Miami Heat for 15 seasons, retired from the NBA as the Heat’s all-time leader in points, assists, and steals.

dwayne wade baptismal prayer

Calyann Barnett is a stylist who works with top celebrities, including Wade. Her introduction and acceptance to the gospel of Jesus Christ is an incredible story of its own. 

baptism of calyann barnett

Calyann recently asked for a Book of Mormon from a friend, Clarke Miyasaki.

Since Calyann worked with Dwyane Wade as a client, and Dwayne had a business relationship with Clarke, it allowed them to rub shoulders often.

Clarke, executive vice president of business development for Stance Socks, shares that Calyann wanted a Book of Mormon solely to prove Clarke’s faith false, but ended up converting to the faith.

After receiving the Book of Mormon, Calyann’s heart was changed and she decided to be baptized.

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This morning I woke up feeling so blessed and ready to share. This is how I imagine heaven looks… All your loved ones, dressed in white, waiting to welcome you into eternal paradise with a smile. Radiating love and light, beaconing all home. On June 1st, 2019 I was joined by friends, family, and saints from near and far as I was Baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Yep I know crazy… And coincidentally when I made my list of things I would NEVER do last year- believe in Jesus, join a religion, and get baptized as a Mormon- were at the top spots on that list. So how did I get here????? Short answer… Faith, The Spirit and @clarkemiyasaki … The long story stay tuned!!! P.S. Thank you to all the Saints from around the world that have sent love and shared their stories. I feel like my family grew immensely. Please keep sharing your stories as it strengths my faith and inspire me to endure to the end. 📸: @ericamelissa_

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Clarke shared some photos and video of the baptism on his Instagram account.

The unbelievable story of Calyann going from wanting a Book of Mormon so she could argue with me and prove me wrong about religion to being baptized on Saturday will be a church movie someday.

President Garns, the Mission President of the Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission, shared this picture of Calyann with the box of Books of Mormon that she gave out to all of the friends and family that were in attendance at her baptism.

Sister Krogh, Sister Adams, Sister Ward and Sister Dolder with their new convert. She gave a marked Book of Mormon with a beautiful gold hearted bookmark to each of her friends in attendance.

Posted by Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission – President Garns on Monday, June 3, 2019

baptism of calyann barnett

Every visitor was given their own Book of Mormon to take home

Here below Calyann is seen with Clarke on the right, and Dwyane Wade on the left, who is also holding the Book of Mormon that was given to him as a gift from Calyann.

dwayne wade book of mormon in hand

Dwyane, Calyann, and Clarke

We want to give a shoutout to Clarke for being willing to share his beliefs with Calyann, and also applaud her for being will to listen to the promptings that led her to this decision. Also, we commend her for making her baptism a great missionary opportunity and sharing the Book of Mormon with so man.

And thanks to D-Wade for another great highlight that will be remembered by so many!