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Young Missionary Lets His Chalk Do the Talking

Young Missionary Lets His Chalk Do the Talking

Elder Davin Sills is a young missionary from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

From Elwood, Utah, in the United States, he is living in New Zealand for two years. Paying his own way, and volunteering his time to talk to people about his beliefs, and serve communities.

He says he is always looking for ways to share messages of hope and peace.

Recently he decided to try creating a chalk drawing of Jesus Christ at Cathedral Square, Christchurch.

Missionary Chalk Drawing

It was Elder Sills’ first attempt at a chalk drawing.

He says, “It was cool when some children walked by and said, ‘Hey look, that’s Jesus. I was happy they recognized him.‘”

Elder Sills’ love for art comes from his mother. He remembers her doing pastel drawings. 

“There’s a big picture of Christ in our living room,” he says.

Elder Sills has nine siblings (three sisters and six brothers). He is the fourth child.

Hey look, that’s Jesus

“My love for the Saviour brought me out on a mission. I encourage people to Come unto Christ.  I know He can help them find peace.”  

Elder Sills and his missionary companion, Elder Eli Bird from Oklahoma, are currently in Omahu, Hawke’s Bay.

“I love New Zealand,” Elder Sills says. “I love the people. They are loving and caring and giving. I love how giving the people are.”

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