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A Reminder to Mothers That God Is Talking to You All the Time

A Reminder to Mothers That God Is Talking to You All the Time

Ganel-Lyn Condie is a missionary mom of a son serving a mission in Zimbabwe. She’s also a successful author, dynamic speaker, loving wife, and a dedicated disciple of Christ.

Even being all these things, she often wonders if she is in tune enough with the Lord.

It’s something that all people struggle with, but mothers should have confidence in their ability to hear the voice of the Lord because it is one of their innate abilities.

ganel-lyn condie

She recently shared an incredible experience that was born out of a small and simple prompting, and it helped her realize her capacity to hear the will of the Lord and act on it.

Ganel-Lyn’s son, Elder Condie, was recently asked by a member in Zimbabwe if he had an extra scripture case. He didn’t, but felt a desire to give up the one he did have to this member.  So he did.

A few days later Elder Condie was reading in his missionary handbook where it recommends that missionaries always keep their scriptures in a case. He realized he had given his away.

His mother shared a portion of his letter that he recently sent:

“Just before I left Mzilikazi, a member approached me and asked if I had any extra scripture cases that he could have.

I promised him I’d check, but I was doubtful I had any extras in my suitcase.

The only case I had wasn’t in regular use, and he needed it more than I did so I didn’t feel too bad giving it up…. But I forgot to mention to my mother that I was now scripture-case-less.

Last week I was reading the white handbook searching for ways I wasn’t being obedient.

“Keep your scriptures in a protective case.”

“OH! I have one of tho–.. Wait. No, I don’t.”

Friday I got a package.

“Dear Elder Condie, I felt prompted that someone in your ward needed a scripture case so I sent you this one. -Mom”

The person in the ward already has one. Now, so do I! 😃 Thanks, Mom.”

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A few weeks prior, in cleaning up a drawer that was full of odd and ends, Ganel-Lyn found an extra scripture case and had the idea to send it to her son in Zimbabwe. She attached a note letting him know that she had a prompting to do so, thinking perhaps there was a member of his ward who was in need of one.

Mom was right.

This small experience was very profound for Ganel-Lyn. Not only did it reinforce in her mind that God was aware of this ward member in Zimbabwe and her son, but it helped her know that God was aware of her.

He trusted in her ability to follow inspiration.

One great thing that comes from these small experiences we have each day with God is confidence in His presence. We gain confidence in ourselves that we can hear His promptings, and confidence that we are connected to Him.

God is talking to us, and whispering to us all the time

President Nelson said, “One of the things the Spirit has repeatedly impressed upon my mind since my new calling as President of the Church is how willing the Lord is to reveal His mind and will. The privilege of receiving revelation is one of the greatest gifts of God to His children.”

Ganel-Lyn shared a video detailing this experience on the Hi-Five Live Facebook page where she shares messages on “Women of Worth Wednesdays”. You can watch the video below.

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ut felt a desire to give up the one he did have to this member