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Young Boy Asks Elder Bednar, “Where is Jesus?”

Young Boy Asks Elder Bednar, “Where is Jesus?”

Elder David A. Bednar shared a choice encounter he had with a young Latter-day Saint boy in Mexico City during a recent visit.

A little boy and his father sat down together prior to a meeting. I walked toward them, and the father introduced me to his son as Elder Bednar.

This boy said, “Oh, yes, Apostle Bednar.” He then gave me a big hug, looked at me, and said, “Where is Jesus?”

I responded to him, “Just like you are with your father, Jesus is with His Father.”

Where is Jesus?

I was thankful for this tender reminder that the Savior can always be near us if we open the door (see Revelation 3:20) and invite Him into our lives.

Young Boy Asks Elder Bednar, "Where is Jesus?"


Melanie sanchez

Wednesday 1st of January 2020

Thats my sweet nephew!!

Ben Arkell

Friday 3rd of January 2020



Saturday 29th of September 2018

My name is Didier from Rwanda, Africa.

I was in sitting room when I read this story of Elder Bernard with young lds boy from Mexico!

My feelings is that something extraordinary is happening in heaven for the protection of the Saints in these days! There will be much persuasion of calling people to come back to Jesus Christ and repent our sins so that we may not perish!

The Angeles are assembly to get ready for watching over the spirit of peace of the Saints during the general conference! The servants are well prepared and the armies from heaven with power for the spiritual and physical protection of the Lord's children.