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If You Thought Last General Conference Was Exhilarating, Buckle Up!

If You Thought Last General Conference Was Exhilarating, Buckle Up!

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland referred to it as the “rush of revelation.”

It’s that feeling you get when you witness prophetic direction first hand, and when it comes in a flurry.

From sustaining a new prophet to retiring the home and visiting teaching programs, to being unified under the new Elders Quorum, there was a lot to take in during April’s General Conference. Not to mention the 7 new temples that were announced, including locations in Russia and India!

things you didn't know about jeffrey r holland

Elder Holland also said, “to paraphrase Ralph Waldo Emerson, the most memorable moments in life are those in which we feel the rush of revelation.1 President Nelson, I don’t know how many more “rushes” we can handle this weekend. Some of us have weak hearts.”

If April’s General Conference had you on the edge of your seat, brace yourself because October’s General Conference will be even more action-packed.

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The Coming Snowstorm

Five times in the past few months I’ve heard accounts of interactions people have had with the brethren, and they all point to big changes on the horizon.

The first was a co-worker who shared details of a visit his family member had with President Nelson after the last conference, in which there was mentioned how exciting all of the changes were during April 2018’s General Conference.

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In speaking of those changes, President Nelson replied that it was as a snowflake in a snowstorm, compared to the changes that are to come.

As a Snowflake in a Snowstorm

My co-worker expressed hesitancy in establishing this as fact, and so we both took it for what it was worth – an interesting little anecdote.

Then that changed.

Snowflake Part 2

About a month later, my wife and I went on a date with another couple to the Draper, Utah temple and afterward, we stopped for some dessert.

We enjoyed a nice conversation and as we were heading to our cars my friend mentioned he had just attended his mission reunion.

He said his old mission president, who will soon be serving as temple president in Europe, attended a meeting where Elder Bednar was speaking.


He recounted that Elder Bednar said the most interesting thing – that while the changes during last April’s General Conference were monumental, they were but a snowflake in a snowstorm, speaking of that which is to come.

As a snowflake in a snowstorm

My jaw dropped. There was that phrase again.

I was shocked, and a little giddy, and then shared with my friend what my co-worker had told me a month prior, finding it pretty incredible that another source had shared the exact same message that President Nelson had relayed.

I texted my co-worker and he was intrigued, to say the least. “Crazy!” was his response.

More Witnesses

Two days later I was scrolling through Twitter and I stumbled upon this:

Is this getting interesting for anyone else?

Hearing this from source number 3 and 4, I started to be pretty confident that what I initially thought was 100% rumor and gossip, might actually have some truth to it.

One More Time

If four instances of hearing the same buzz phrase weren’t enough, then number five made me chuckle and realize that there was most likely something to all of this.

Just last week I was visiting my sister in Boston for the weekend with some of my brothers, and guess what one brother mentioned?

His good friend knows Elder Holland. (See where this is headed?)

In speaking with Elder Holland, he was told the changes from the last conference were like a snowflake in a blizzard when compared to that which is to come.

(I think I need a breather.)

Are you at least a little more intrigued to find out what will happen in October’s General Conference?

general conference rumors historic

Help is on the Way

A snippet from an article from the Church News might be helpful in understanding why future changes may be coming, and what problems the brethren are hoping to address.

President Oaks, First Counselor in the First Presidency, addressed young married couples from 11 stakes in the Los Angeles area.

President Oaks said leaders understand that many callings take young couples away from their home and family.

“We have spent many hours talking about how we can simplify our Church programs to perform their essential function for a wide variety of family circumstances,” said President Oaks. “Now, I am pleased to tell you that some help is on the way and more is under discussion.”

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Excitement is Building

Personally, I’m very excited and worried at the same time. Excited because that “rush of revelation” is an awesome feeling, and worried because change is hard for people, especially change in church policy.

Greg Trimble wrote an incredible article this week about that subject. One little snippet refers to why people leave the Church. It’s not usually over doctrine, it’s usually over policy:

“…inspiration often causes change within the church. That change, though not always labeled as such, usually manifests itself as a policy. And change often causes people to lose their mind.”

With the policy change/reminder to refer to ourselves as Latter-day Saints, (a small policy change in my opinion) many are in an uproar. It makes me wonder what reactions will be if church meetings are reduced to two hours, or if the primary program is done away with, or if singles wards are dissolved.

general conference

I’m a little worried it will throw people for a loop, but at the same time, I’m optimistic that the Saints will heed the voice of the prophet and see the Lord’s hand in these changes.

Policy changes, while not affecting the doctrine, are deeply rooted in tradition, and traditions are hard to break. People get very emotionally tied to them. (Case in point, the policy change that missionary calls will now be sent via email versus mail – LOTS of emotion there)

What Really Matters

Whatever ends up happening in October, whether there are large changes, small changes, or none at all, one thing is comforting to me – we are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and Jesus Christ is the Eternal President of His Church.

don't doubt president nelson

We are blessed to have a living prophet to whom the Lord reveals His will. If you haven’t read what happened to President Nelson shortly after his call as the prophet, you need to read it. Let’s just say the Lord took His time, and in a very detailed manner, revealed His will to President Nelson.

…some help is on the way and more is under discussion.

What a wonderful blessing to have a prophet who receives guidance for the Church as a whole. What a wonderful privilege to be entitled to that same revelation for our lives.

However things turn out during General Conference, I hope we’ll all happily move forward with a commitment to follow the direction provided us through the Lord’s mouthpiece, for “whether by mine own voice or by the voice of my servants, it is the same.”


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LDS General Conference


Thursday 4th of October 2018

"...why people leave the Church. It’s not usually over doctrine, it’s usually over policy"

I really don't think policy drives folks out. I think doctrine and doctrine denial is a bigger issue. D&C 132, for instance, is doctrine about polygamy, yet President Hinkley stated that he did not believe polygamy was doctrinal, on 60 Minutes. So doctrine and doctrine denial are real issues that drive droves out of the church. Imho.

Ben Arkell

Friday 5th of October 2018

I think there are lots of reasons people leave. Doctrines are definitely some of those reasons.

Jim S.

Tuesday 2nd of October 2018

@Jenny -

Sorry, should have added, however, that I agree with you that the name of the church is "dandruff" as you call it. That's hardly "revelation".

Jim S.

Tuesday 2nd of October 2018

@ Jenny -

(Ahem). Where's the actual evidence that Brett Kavanaugh abused Dr. Ford? It's "he said, she said" and it happened 35 years ago. NOTHING can be proven either way. You, apparently, have already decided what did or did not happen.

Why would we need anyone else to weigh in when you already have the answers?


Monday 1st of October 2018

In The Book of Mormon (Hel 9) the Prophet revealed the Chief Judge had been murdered. Then he revealed who it was and how everyone would know it... Now that is revealing power. Sustaining "policies" against LGBT and reiterating the name of the Church seems more like dandruff than a predictive snow flake.

If the Prophet would care to chime in on Bret Kavanuagh's participation in the sexual abuse of Kristine Ford, I think all would be interested and it would be more relevant than the internal management of the LDS Church.


Monday 1st of October 2018

The church is so awesome that I'm dancing in the streets to have less of it! #revelation #tendermercies

Ben Arkell

Monday 1st of October 2018

If it doesn't happen there will be a lot of disappointed people. ;)