Why Sister Nelson Received the Prompting to “Move Out of Bed Now”

president russell m nelson

Having President Russell M. Nelson lead The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been an absolutely incredible experience. Part of the reason for that is the dynamic woman he has by his side, in Sister Wendy Nelson.


Elder Neil L. Andersen and his wife Kathy felt something similar as they have spent this last week with the prophet and his wife on a tour of Canada.

president russell m nelson

Elder Andersen shared the following glimpse of a message that Sister Wendy Nelson shared with the saints in that part of the world. Sister Nelson is very in tune and has boldly declared the prophetic mantle that is upon her husband.

She is not short on receiving her own spiritual witnesses and promptings as well.

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Elder Andersen shares:

After returning to Salt Lake City late last night, Kathy and I have continued to think about and talk about the experiences of the past few days with deep appreciation for the unparalleled experience of being with President and Sister Nelson.

Listening to Sister Wendy Nelson bear testimony of President Nelson’s prophetic calling and having her give a glimpse into what it has been like in their home since he became the Lord’s prophet, strengthened the faith of those who listened. Sister Nelson spoke of her own witness of President Nelson’s prophetic calling.

She said, “Two days after President Monson departed the Lord gave me a singular, most distinct experience with my husband. So distinct, so vivid, so clear. Every detail of that experience is seared in my mind and heart forever. Two days later it happened again, exact same experience again” (to her alone).

She said that it was “too sacred to share over the pulpit,” but that “because of that I can take any witness stand and testify that Russell Marion Nelson is the Prophet of the Lord. Russell Marion Nelson is the living prophet of the living Lord.”

For Kathy, for me and for many other saints, her comments about revelation were powerful and reinforced our belief, “whether by mine own voice or by the voice of my servants it is the same.”

Sister Nelson explained that in their 12 years of marriage, she had watched the process of revelation and inspiration upon her husband but that since becoming the president of the Church, those revelations have “expanded exponentially.”

She explained, “He keeps a lined yellow pad of paper beside his bed.” Then she declared, “In the morning he holds up a half page to one and a half pages of notes with joy.”

Although she said that sometimes she remains close to him when this process is happening, sometimes she does not. She recounted a night in January when “I got the prompting, ‘move out of bed now.’”

“Two hours later he emerged from the room. ‘Wendy, you won’t believe what’s been happening. The Lord has given me detailed instruction on what I am to do.’”

Sister Nelson said that during the “last eight months it has been an experience to send my husband off to work. He comes back, different than when I sent him off in the morning. I have seen him change at the pulpit. I have heard him use phrases he hasn’t used before. I’ve seen him make changes at the pulpit.”

She said that just a few weeks ago speaking to young adults in a sacrament meeting, “I saw 30 years fall away.”

I, too, would add that it was amazing to me that a man fewer than three weeks away from being 94 years old could go to the pulpit last night in Toronto with no notes, never repeating himself and speaking for 45 minutes, with the audience of 8,000 riveted on him and his message.

When I commented on this after the meeting, President Nelson said, “Well, these people have come from a long way. They come prayerfully. The last thing they want me to do is come to the pulpit and read them a talk.” It was an experience of revelation.

Russell M. Nelson is a prophet of God. Sister Wendy Nelson is a powerful woman of God as well, appointed to be a witness of the prophetic mantle that her husband carries. It is a joy to have a prophet of God whose spouse is physically and mentally able to testify with conviction of the truths that her husband teaches.

Wendy Watson Nelson recently released a book called, The Heavens Are Open.

She shares her personal witness of truths that will increase our capacity to receive and act on revelation from the heavens. In this volume, she offers a number of ideas for things we can do—and stop doing—in order to understand the Spirit’s direction more clearly.

the heavens are open
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“All I have witnessed, all I have experienced tells me that our Father wants to communicate with each one of His children and will do so commensurate with our desire and earnest seeking,” writes Sister Nelson. This remarkable book will help readers learn how to open that door.

God be thanked for a living prophet who receives detailed instructions from the Lord to bless us in our lives.

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  • What a wonderful experience to have our new prophet. I am so grateful for his precious wife. Losing a spouse is so hard to do. My husband passed 25 years ago and it has been my hardest trial. So thankful that President Nelson found his sweet new wife to live his life with. I love Sister Wendy Nelson and are so grateful she loves and supports Presidet Nelson! God bless them both and their union together, it is forever!

  • Jackie, I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your unique perspective. I know President Nelson is so happy to have Wendy by his side and she is electric! I am so glad we are blessed to have her witness.

  • i sustain president nelson and all church leaders they are called of God they represent God and they speak by the spirit what God would say if he was here may we heed to the counsels they give us may we follow the path that they are leading us and surely We will make God proud

  • how wonderful and blessed is our dear prophet to have a sweet wife to be by his side to love, sustain and have such a stong testimony that he is the Lords prophet on this earth today.

  • I have always known that prophet Russell M Nelson is indeed a mouthpiece of God there is no doubt about it, and i will forever be grateful to God for his servant here on Earth. I pray to God that he bless him and his entire household as he carried his work forward. I will forever sustain him as a living prophet of the church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints and the prophet of the whole world.

  • This takes GA worship to a new level. Who appointed WWN as a witness? Misleading, non-doctrinal cultural baggage being created and purchased if you buy it. We worship God and Christ. Stuff like this detracts from it.

  • We do not formally sustain spouses of any GA’s. Please, let’s not start and/or perpetuate additional false teaxhings that somebody will have to unravel 100 years from now as the LDS Church is having to do now (see Gospel Topics Essays). Worship Father in Heaven and His Son, not GA’s and/or their spouses.

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Having President Russell M. Nelson lead The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been an absolutely incredible experience. Part of the reason...
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